Admission to the Cooperative Doctoral Program

Admission to the Cooperative Doctoral Program

Further Graduate Work
A number of universities have expressed a willingness to accept course work from our specialist's program as a basis for continuation in a graduate program leading to the doctorate in school administration. Students who have graduated and are interested in a doctoral program should see their advisor, the coordinator of the specialist’s program, or the associate provost for Graduate Studies and Research and dean of the School of Graduate Studies and Research for further information.

Cooperative Doctoral Program
The Southeast Department of Educational Administration and Counseling offers the opportunity for advanced graduate study in leadership in education through a cooperative doctoral program (Ed.D.) with the University of Missouri. The program was designed through the collaborative efforts of professors, school administrators, teachers and other educational and business leaders from across the state. The program is a cohort model with cohort groups starting every two years.  For additional information regarding application procedures, requirements and scheduling, contact Dr. Jerry Waddle at (573) 651-2427.

Characteristics of the Program

  • Students will progress though the program as a "cohort."
  • Students from each regional institution will be a site cohort, with students from all institutions forming the state cohort.
  • Course work will be completed in six contiguous semesters, beginning in the summer and concluding in the spring semester two years later.
  • Dissertation research will follow the two years of course work.
  • Summer course work will include two seminars at the regional site before a four- week program on the University of Missouri-Columbia campus during the month of July.
  • Course work instruction will occur at each regional site during the fall and spring semesters.
  • Technology will be used as a medium for instruction delivery throughout the program.
  • Curriculum will be integrated, thematic and problem-based.

Primary Themes of the Curriculum

  • Leadership Theory and Practice
  • Organizational Analysis
  • Analysis of Educational Policy
  • Content and Context of Learning
  • Research, Inquiry, and Evaluation



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