General Admission Policies

General Admission Policies

Advancement to Candidacy
Application to candidacy for the degree is required at the completion of 16 hours of course work applicable to the degree. To advance to candidacy status, the applicant must present a G.P.A. which meets the graduation requirement (3.25). Students denied admission to candidacy may not enroll for course work applicable to the degree except with the explicit approval of and under any stipulations assigned by the program faculty in educational administration. Initiation of the candidacy process is the student's responsibility. Candidacy forms are available in the School of Graduate Studies and Research

Selective Retention
After being admitted to this program, the probationary student may be denied admission to regular graduate status and one with regular status may not advance to candidacy based on the degree of unsatisfactory scholarship. Loss of teaching or administrative license, for cause, is grounds for suspension from the program.

Transfer of Credits
A student with regular admission status may transfer up to six of the 30 semester hours required for the specialist's degree from other regionally accredited institutions if the courses are appropriate, are post-master's work, are on-campus courses and are approved by the student's advisor. If the student earned his/her master's degree from Southeast Missouri State University, up to nine semester hours of such work may be transferred from regionally accredited institutions. Transfer, workshop and independent study credit may not exceed nine semester hours. The last 16 hours applied towards the specialist degree or certification must be taken from Southeast or the student must receive prior permission from the advisor in order for Southeast to act as certifying agency.

Independent Study and Workshops
Independent study and workshop courses offer the student opportunities for study in areas beyond the departmental curriculum. Enrollment in such courses requires approval by the advisor and the coordinator of the specialist program (independent study by the instructor also). A maximum of three semester hours earned through independent study and three hours via workshops may be applied to program requirements.

Off-Campus Courses
Students may take up to 17 of the 30 semester hours in courses offered by Southeast Missouri State University in an off-campus setting with approval of the student's advisor. (Courses offered via ITV are considered on-campus credit.)

Correspondence Courses
No correspondence or extension course from another institution may be substituted for a specialist's program requirement or elective.

Residence Requirements
A student may meet residence requirements in the program by completing 12 semester hours of on-campus credit during a 12-month period, not to include internship credit.

Please refer to the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Teacher Certification Web site for current requirements,


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