Master of Arts in School Administration

Course Rotation
MEGA Building Administration Test Prep Information
MEGA Building Administration Test Information

Initial Program Plan for Master's in School Administration

(Updated October 2013)

Required Courses:

Number Name Hours
EA 625 Foundations of Educational Administration 3
EA 634 School Supervision 3
EA 651 School Law 3
EA 655 School Business & Facilities Management/Public Relations 3
EA 660 Administration & Supervision of Special Education 3
GR 691 Methods of Research 3
School Administration (take both courses for K-12 certification)
EA 630

EA 635
Elementary School Administration
Secondary School Administration

Curriculum Courses (take both Variable Topic courses OR EA653 for K-12 certification)
EA 682

EA 682

EA 653
Curriculum Construction: Elementary
Curriculum Construction: Secondary
Curriculum for Educational Leaders


Internship Field Experience (take both internships for K-12 certification)
*EA 646
*EA 656

*EA 647
*EA 657
Internship: Elementary School Administration I
Internship: Elementary School Administration II
Internship: Secondary School Administration I
Internship: Secondary School Administration II

GR 698 Masters Exam
You must register for the exam as if it were a course
Variable Topics or Electives as approved by advisor 6
Total Credit Hours 36

*Prerequisites for the SLLA Assessment (EA 688)

For K-12 (both Elementary and Secondary Certification), students will take both Elementary and Secondary Curriculum classes (or EA653), both Elementary and Secondary Administration classes, and both Elementary and Secondary Internship classes. These additional nine hours can be substitute for electives.

A person cannot be certified in Missouri without successfully passing the School Leaders Licensure Assessment. Missouri administrators must hold a valid teaching certificate prior to qualifying for the administrator certificate and have a minimum of two years teaching experience. Also, all educators in Missouri must take EX-390 Psychology and Education of the Exceptional Child or a graduate course in Education of the Exceptional Child.