Block III is the third professional education semester in our teacher education program and requires 90 hours of field work under the supervision of the cooperating and teacher and university professor. Teacher candidates enrolled in this block have previously completed two semester-long field experiences, Block I which consisted primarily of observation and Block II, the first "hands-on" experience wherein teacher candidates taught specific lessons in language arts, reading, and children's literature in either small group or whole class instruction.

Teacher candidates in Block III are enrolled in course work involving techniques of teaching corrective reading, reading strategies as well as content area math, social studies and science. During the semester, they are expected to teach the following to a whole class:

  • a Mathematics unit of at least four lessons, and
  • either an integrated Social Studies/Science unit (9 lessons) or separate units in Social Studies and Science (one unit with four lessons and the other with five lessons).

Additionally, teacher candidates complete assessments in reading and/or emergent literacy skills on an individual 1-6 grade student and design interventions and adaptations to facilitate literacy development.


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