All regular full time and part time staff members (Administrative (excluding Deans), Professional, Clerical, Technical, Service and Bargaining) are eligible to participate in the University’s Employee Recognition Program, provided the employee is currently in good standing within their department and University and have completed the probationary employment period.

Employees recognized for an award are eligible once every three years.

Appointed committee members listed below are not eligible to nominate or be nominated during their term(s) of service to avoid possible conflict of interest.

Committee Members
  • Melissia Coffee, Chair
  • Treasa Benn
  • Austin Cordell
  • Gretchen Grojean
  • Joe Hager
  • Angela Meyer
  • Phil Nacy
  • Kendra Skinner
  • Meredith Coffman
  • Haohao Wang
Nominations and Criteria
Employee Recognition Award Nomination Form