The Douglas C. Greene Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) is home to a community development program that connects aspiring entrepreneurs and youth in communities to local business and community leaders. These community stakeholders can work together on a variety of new venture projects utilizing entrepreneurial training and mentorship provided or coordinated by CIE staff.  Projected outcomes of the various Renewing Rural Communities through Innovation (RRCI) programs include new businesses, new jobs and the opportunity to establish an entrepreneurial culture in the community that will last for generations.

Operation JumpStart

Operation JumpStart is a hands-on 36 hour training program designed to help aspiring and existing entrepreneurs determine the feasibility of their business ideas while building essential business planning and preparation skills. The Operation JumpStart model will assist any community leader, organization, or entrepreneur to build a strong and vibrant community through the acceleration of the number of new, successful businesses. If you are interested in bringing Operation JumpStart to your area, please call (573) 651-2929 or email

Operation Main Street: Business Success Series

The Douglas C. Greene Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is co-sponsoring a new business assessment and training project called Operation Main Street: Business Success Series. The services will include needs assessments, targeted training classes, and small business consulting. Other sponsoring and supporting partners in Operation Main Street: Business Success Series include area Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Development Associations, the US Small Business Association (SBA), Small Business Training and Development Centers (SBTDC), and Industrial Development Associations. If you are interested in bringing Operation Main Street to your community, please call (573) 651-2929 or email

Youth Entrepreneurial Education

Youth entrepreneurial education occurs in the high school setting, whereby teachers and mentors are assisting high school students with business planning and new venture visioning that will help develop entrepreneurial skills and awareness to revitalize the community. High school students in participating communities engage in RRCI activities to increase youth understanding of the role of entrepreneurship in the community. For more information about RRCI or to bring this program to your community, please call (573) 651-2929 or email


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