Southeast Missouri State University

Andrew Canter


Transferring from college into the “real world” can be an interesting challenge. Searching for the right job with the right fit can be a long process, but Andrew Canter found success quickly as the new business teacher at Farmington High School.

Where Canter says he teaches, “A range of courses - any course from accounting to business law to computer applications and basic business.”

Andrew Canter is from Diehlstadt, Mo. and graduated in 2001 from Thomas W. Kelly High school in Benton, Mo.

Canter began his college education at Southeast Missouri State University - Sikeston (SES) and completed his degree at Southeast Missouri State University.

Canter chose to attend SES for his first two years of college because as he said, “SES is located only about 10 miles away from where I lived. Also, SES had smaller classes which made the transition into college a little easier."

Canter enjoyed his time at SES and said, “I made many friends at SES that I am still in contact with. It was so easy to get to know the class when the classes were so small. The small classes allowed the students to become close.”

Canter rates the education he received at SES as, “Definitely a 10!  The education that I received at SES was just as good as the education that I received when I got to the Cape campus.”

Some of Canter's favorite moments at Southeast were basketball and football games.  He also,"Really enjoyed the small classes and the way in which students could get to know their professors.  The professors at Southeast always took time to help me whenever I needed it.  I chose Southeast because of its reputation for having great education and business programs.  I got the best of both worlds.”

Some of Canter’s best memories of Southeast are the ones that prepared him for his future career.  “Some highlights of my educational experience at Southeast were being a president of Phi Beta Lambda and a member of Kappa Delta Pi.  The educational blocks were challenging with the Teacher Work Sample (TWS), yet beneficial to my educational experience.  Also, many of the business courses I was required to take were a challenge to me but they have given me a great understanding of the business world.”

When considering a career in education, Canter reflected on the advice he had received during high school. Canter says, “I had several teachers in high school that sparked my interest to teach, but I actually entered college and declared a major in Mass Communication (television).  I was for sure that was what I wanted to do, but I kept thinking about those teachers and friends of mine who told me how great of a teacher I’d be, so I did it.  I chose business for two reasons; I'm interested in business and also one of my business teachers in high school made business so much fun that who wouldn't want to teach it.”

Canter never let it bother him to be a male student in a predominantly female major. He says, “It didn't bother me when I knew that most of my colleagues would be female.  There needs to be more male teachers.  Some children may not have a male role-model at home; therefore, I can, if the opportunity comes up, be one male figure in their life, along with the male teachers here at Farmington.”

He said his favorite thing about being a teacher is “seeing that one student ‘get it’ and understands when he or she may be having problems.  To see that light bulb come on is why I get up and go back every day.”

When Canter is not teaching, he says he enjoys sports. “I love all types of sports including baseball, football and hockey, but especially golf.  I love to golf. Golfing is the most relaxing thing I can do with my spare time.  It is such a stress reliever for me.”  Canter says he would advise Southeast students “to enjoy college while you're there.  Get involved in student organizations.  Be supportive of the school and work hard.  Southeast is such a great school, so take pride in being a Redhawk!”