Southeast Missouri State University

Marsha Blanchard

Kennett Area Higher Education Center

Marsha Blanchard, Director of the Kennett Area Higher Education Center, encourages current and future Southeast Missouri State University students to dream big and then go for it.

“Stay focused and make education a priority in your life,” Marsha said.  “Life has bumps along the way but no matter what comes along, never give up on your academic dreams and goals.”

Marsha is fulfilling her dreams and goals by being able to impact the community she lives in.  “Having the opportunity to earn a University degree in a rural area such as Kennett makes so much difference in so many lives,” Marsha said.  “I get to be involved and watch this close up on a daily basis.  It is very satisfying at the end of the day!”

As Director of the Kennett Higher Education Center, Marsha oversees the overall operation of the Kennett campus.  This includes working with students and faculty, academic and facility needs assessment, planning and supervision of staff, coordinating facility upkeep and expansion, fund-raising, coordinating local scholarships, community leadership and involvement, recruitment of students and faculty, community leadership and involvement and anything else that comes along.

The best part of her job, however, is not administrative.  “My favorite thing about my job is working with the students,” Marsha said.  She enjoys “watching them grow and succeed in their academic goals and dreams.” 

As an adjunct faculty member in psychology, Marsha received a Masters in Psychology from the University of Tulsa, her one night a week teaching a psychology class gives her the opportunity to interact with students; making class night a preferred time of the week.

On the nights she’s not teaching class or working Marsha is still busy.  She serves on both the hospital board of trustees and the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors in Kennett.  Friday nights, however, are all about relaxation.  Marsha and her husband enjoy eating spaghetti and unwinding at McCormick’s, a local restaurant.

Marsha has been able to find a job that allows her to fulfill her dreams and still have time to enjoy life the way she wants to, the same goal she is working to provide for her students.