Addition of an additional Review Committee called Faculty Advisory Committee for Academic Program Review

BE IT RESOLVED THAT: the Faculty Handbook add an additional Review Committee called Faculty Advisory Committee for Academic Program Review and rescind flow chart in Course Approval Process

Note: the Faculty Advisory Committee for Academic Program Review will be added as a standing university committee when the standards and procedures are approved.

Review Committees

While the primary responsibility for course and curricular development and review rests with the department, the collegial process in the University ensures open discussion of and dialogue about instructional related questions. Beyond the department, there are five six review committees that may be involved in one or more aspects of the review process.

Faculty Advisory Committee for Academic Program Review

All programs will be reviewed by the Faculty Advisory Committee for Academic Program Review through the Regular (cyclical) Program Review procedure involving a review of each program at least every five years.

College Council

The College Council serves as a review body for all course and curricular proposals generated by departments or interdisciplinary units in the college. These items should be acted upon in a timely fashion.

The College of Education, acting through its College Council, has primary responsibility for ensuring that teacher education programs provide a consistently organized, unified, and coordinated approach to teacher education as outlined in the following section entitled College Council: College of Education. All items involving professional teacher education are referred from the College of Education Council.

Graduate Council

The Graduate Council reviews for approval proposals concerning graduate courses, graduate degrees, curriculum changes, new graduate programs and degrees, and instructionally related policies and procedures. Specific responsibilities of the council are outlined in the last section of this document. Items involving teacher education are submitted by the College of Education Council to the Graduate Council. All other graduate items move from the college/school directly to the Graduate Council.

University Studies Council

The University Studies Council reviews for approval proposed curricular changes, allocations for funding, review and assessment activities, and other programmatic policies and procedures related to the University Studies program.

Academic Council

The Academic Council serves as a clearinghouse, an appeals body, and a recommending body to the Provost for all curricular changes. Proposals involving undergraduate teacher education flow from the College of Education Council to the Provost; graduate proposals flow from the Graduate Council to the Provost; and University Studies recommendations flow from the University Studies Council to the Provost. All other significant curricular changes are submitted by the appropriate college directly to the Provost.

Honors Council

The Honors Council reviews, for approval, proposals for variable topic seminars and colloquia. It advises the Director of Honors on the appropriateness of proposed honors sections of existing courses and on policies and procedures for the program as a whole. Proposals for all honors courses flow from the college/school to the Honors Council.

Rescind Chapter 5 Academic Policies under Approval Process – Course Approval Process the following:

Course and Programmatic Flow Charts

In general terms, the review of all course and curricular items follows the flow charts illustrated by Figures 1-3.

(Program Review Procedures to be inserted when the procedures are approved.)

Approved by the Faculty Senate
date: March 2, 2011

Approved by the President
date: May 3, 2011