F. Guidelines for Users of University Printing and Duplicating Services

The following guidelines have been formulated to assist in the orderly and efficient operation of the University Printing and Duplicating Service. It is hoped that the statements which appear below will assist those who wish to make use of these services by informing them of the policies and procedures which will govern their requests.

The Printing and Duplicating Service offers services in two major areas. The Copy Center Parker Room 105 is designed to quickly reproduce pages of copy. The Printing Service Parker lower level former pool area is designed for quality printing and large quantities of printing or operations such as binding, cutting, etc.

The University Printing and Duplicating Service will do work only for the University community. To avoid any conflicts of interests, printing for outside sources--such as personal business, industrial, political, or commercial enterprises--will not be accepted. Printing as a community service in the public interest will be accepted on a limited, time-available basis at the discretion of the Director of Business Operations. Faculty should examine relevant chapters in the Business Policies and Procedures Manual, available in the department office, for further procedural information.

  1. University Departments Cost for printing and copying will be charged to the department, office, etc., that requests the service. The responsibility for charging to an account rests with the administrator of that account. A "Printing and Duplicating Authorization Card" will be issued to the administrator of an account upon request. The authorization card must be presented to the Printing and Duplicating Service when initiating a request for service. An authorization card may be obtained by filling out a "Request for Printing and Duplicating Authorization Card" form available at the Printing and Duplicating Service. The request must be signed by the account administrator and returned to the Printing and Duplicating Service, Parker- lower level former pool area. The card will usually be prepared within twenty-four hours upon receipt of a signed request. Multiple cards may be requested if needed. The Printing Service will accept orders placed through the campus mail with a completed "Printing Request Form" signed by the account administrator. Forms are available at the Printing and Duplicating Service.
  2. Student Organizations Printing and copying services are available to student organizations. Authorization cards will be issued to a student organization upon approval from the Vice President for Student Affairs or her/his designee.
  3. External Organizations (Professional Organizations, Special Events, etc.) Printing and copying services for external organizations can be provided if approved by the dean of the college or Vice President concerned. Charges for services to these organizations will be made at a rate designed to recover the costs incurred by the University. Charges will be billed to the appropriate University departmental account through the use of its authorization card. Reimbursement to the department from the organization is the responsibility of the department charged.
  1. Copy Center
    As a service to the faculty and staff of the University, personal copying in the Copy Centers may be completed on a cash basis. All personal copying must be placed as the lowest priority and shall not include business ventures, paid advertising, industrial, political, religious, commercial enterprises, or production to be resold. Copying must be paid for when picked up.

  2. Printing
    No personal printing will be done. Binding and other miscellaneous jobs may be completed for faculty and staff when time and work load permit. Such jobs must be paid for on delivery of the completed work.

  3. All charges for personal work will be at a rate designed to recover the costs incurred by the University.

Any exceptions to these policies must be endorsed by the Vice President providing oversight to the program or person seeking the exception. A formal list of approved exceptions will be maintained in the Office of the Vice President for Business and Finance.

(Administrative Services, 1983, Revised 1984)
Finance and Administration, 1983
Revised 1984
Revised 1993