G. Guidelines for On-Campus Promotion of Events

  1. Events are classified as either "University sponsored" or "non-University sponsored." For an event to be "University sponsored":
    a. The event must be produced by a unit of the University.
    b. The event must be at least partially funded by University funds.
    c. The University must sign or co-sign a contract or agreement for the production of the event.
    d. The event must be held in or on property owned, operated, or controlled by the University.
    e. Events conducted by or sponsored by non-University affiliated organizations and groups but held on University property will not be considered "University sponsored" but must conform with University policy for "University sponsored" events.

  2. Events classified as "non-University sponsored" may be promoted on campus only through the usual commercial means of communication (KRCU, CAC-10, event programs and tickets, The Capaha Arrow, etc.) or on the Public Information Boards.

  3. Tickets for "University sponsored" events must contain notification that University policy prohibits possession or consumption of alcohol at University sponsored events.

  4. On-campus promotions of "University sponsored" events may be conducted in the same place and manner as the promotion of "non-University sponsored" events. Additionally, "University sponsored" events may be promoted in all other on-campus areas designated for posting provided:
    a. That the location of the promotional material is approved by the University staff member responsible for the particular building or area.
    b. That the promotion material is not of an adhesive nature.
    c. That the material is removed from the posting area within twenty-four hours after the event.
    d. That the material does not promote or encourage the violation of local ordinances, state or federal law, or University policy, such as promote possession of alcohol by minors or encourage the use of controlled substances.
    e. That no reference is made to any commercial sponsor or product.

    The last provision may be waived for instructional-related programs which have received support from a professionally associated commercial enterprise.

  5. Promotion of "non-University sponsored" events may not contain any reference to association with the University or its units or any reference to the event being "All University," "All School," or other similar designation. "University sponsored" events may not contain the name, trademark, or designation of a commercial product or sponsor in the title of the event, nor may a University entity or organization endorse a commercial product.

Approved by Board of Regents, 1983