Documents Committee

Faculty Senate Documents Committee

Year End Report- April 30, 2003

The Documents Committee, following the "Procedures for Updating the Faculty Handbook" instituted in March 2000, had as its primary task the implementation of those procedures in order to update the online Faculty Handbook.The online handbook had not been updated for some time due to changes in personnel in the Office of the Provost and changes in leadership of the Faculty Senate Documents Committee.

The Committee reviewed all Senate bills and resolutions since the last update in 2000 and identified the changes needed.The Chair of the Committee met with the Provost in order to formalize the procedures and accomplish the updates.The Provost has appointed a member of her staff to make the changes authorized by the Documents Committee.

Changes to the online Handbook have been made and the online Handbook will be updated as needed following the above cited procedures.

The Committee also looked at the status of the Faculty Senate Archives housed in Kent Library.There will be a need for further regularization of those documents.The next Documents Committee should continue to investigate the procedures and status of the archives.

April 30, 2003

Daniel A. MacLeay, Chair

Faculty Senate Documents Committee