Grants and Research Funding Committee

Grants and Research Funding Committee Annual Report 2002-2003

Submitted April 30, 2003

By Dr. Joe Pujol, Chair, Grants and Research Funding Committee

The Grants and Research Funding Committee (GRFC) considered 19 proposals during the Fall and Spring Call for Proposals.A total of $57,898 were requested during the first two rounds of proposals, fifteen of the proposals were funded for a total allocation of $46,878.Therefore, the average allocation for each funded proposal was $3,125.20.Because there were adequate funds remaining a 3rd call for proposals was issued.Currently, 11 proposals are under consideration during the 3rd round of funding.The requests currently under consideration total $28,897.

As for the distribution of requests by College:

College/School# of proposals submittedTotal requested*

College of Science and Mathematics15$46,700

College of Liberal Arts5$13,987

College of Health and Human Services3$13,952

School of Polytechnic Studies3$6,043

College of Education3$4,174

Harrison College of Business1$1,939

*includes requests currently under consideration by the committee

An additional $1,777 was allocated to reimburse faculty for publication charges.Four such requests were received during the current academic year.