Resolution 12-3 - Four Compensation-Related Observations

WHEREAS: Faculty Senate recognizes the tenuous financial position of the State of Missouri and Southeast Missouri State University in previous, present, and likely continuing in future years.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That given these realities, Faculty Senate makes four observations:

  1. Faculty Senate reiterates the concern, present in similar form among other employee groups, that the attraction and retention of quality faculty and the morale of all faculty are affected by the absence of compensation increases.
  2. When CPI increases without a corresponding merit raise, purchasing power of wages will decrease. Therefore, all considerations regarding merit raises should be carefully reviewed before disregarded as unfeasible due to financial difficulty.
  3. Overload and part-time instructor pay should be addressed by the Faculty Senate Compensation Committee. These amounts have remained stagnant for several years and should be increased.
  4. The issue of discipline-based equity adjustments should also be addressed by the Faculty Senate Compensation Committee to ensure that faculty are receiving comparable salary compensation for their disciplines as compared to peer institutions.
Action Date
Introduced to Senate 2/29/12
Second Senate Meeting 3/21/12
Faculty Senate Vote 3/21/12