Student Required Activities

Required Student Activities


Searchpath is a self-paced tutorial created by Kent Library faculty members where Southeast students can learn basic information literacy concepts and skills. Each of the modules takes about 15-20 minutes to complete. Students can come back to Searchpath content as often as they want to review and practice.

Content is organized into six modules:

  1. 'Starting smart' is an overview that introduces students to various types of sources as well as evaluation of evidence and sources.
  2. 'Choosing a topic' provides tips on broadening and narrowing a topic and discusses search concepts.
  3. 'Using the catalog' engages students through live guided searching in the Kent Library Catalog.
  4. 'Finding articles' introduces students to databases and provides students with guided practice searching in the Academic Search Premier database.
  5. 'Using the web' includes the comparative evaluation of Web sources.
  6. 'Citing sources' also includes the topics of plagiarism and copyright.

Students will receive their assignment instructions from their UI100 Instructor.

Career Assessment

Southeast Missouri State University is committed to helping students engage in their own career development early in their college careers. In UI100, all students will complete a required career assessment to help them connect their academic and career planning.

Sexual Violence Prevention

UI100 students will view the information on Sexual Violence Prevention video and pass a quiz with a 60% or better.

Course Learning Outcomes

The three Course Learning Outcomes for UI100, First-Year Seminar, are:

  1. Students will identify a variety of types and formats of sources of information
  2. Students will differentiate between facts and opinions
  3. Students will demonstrate effective written communication skills

In order to meet the first and second Course Learning Outcomes, students will complete the Information Literacy module Searchpath and take the module 1 quiz.

In order to meet Course Learning Outcome three, students will write a paper and their faculty will determine the rubric and what qualifies as having "met" the Course Learning Outcome.


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