Required Student Activities

Searchpath Instructions


The University has implemented four career proficiency checks for all students to complete while at Southeast.  Students must complete these proficiency checks before graduation.

 These proficiencies were implemented to insure that all students graduate with appropriate career planning knowledge and a professional resume and cover letter.

When students register for UI100, they also register for two co-requisites: CL001 and CL002.  Students will complete career development assignments in their UI100 courses to meet these proficiency checks.

CL001 - 0.0 credit - Co-Requisite with UI100

Students complete FOCUS, a web-based assessment of their talents, interests, and abilities, during UI100 as part of their grade in that course.

CL002 - 0.0 credit - Co-Requisite with UI100

Students interpret the results of their FOCUS career assessment and complete an Action Plan.

Note: Transfer students (or other students who do not take UI100) and their advisors should refer to the Career Proficiency Checks Transfer Student Guidelines Matrix available in the Office of Career Services to determine steps warranted in their individual circumstances.


UI100 students are asked to complete the Essentials Course in  It covers the three most significant behavioral risks new college students face: alcohol, illicit and prescription drugs, and sexual violence.

Students will register at

Sexual Harassment Prevention


UI100 students will view a nine minute Sexual Harassment Prevention video and pass a quiz with a 60% or better.  This video will introduce students to the VICTORY program and Title IX coordinators.

Student Learning Outcomes


The three Student Learning Outcomes for UI100, First-Year Seminar, are:

  1. Students will identify a variety of types and formats of sources of information
  2. Students will differentiate between facts and opinions
  3. Students will demonstrate effective written communication skills

In order to meet the first and second Student Learning Outcomes, students will complete the Information Literacy module Searchpath and take the module 1 quiz.

In order to meet Student Learnin Outcome three, students will write a paper and their faculty will determine the rubric and what qualifies as having "met" the Student Learning Outcome.