Southeast Missouri State University

Required Courses

(Group A 24 hours) Select all 8 courses

  • BA600 Organizational Behavior in Practice (3 hrs)
  • BA620 Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods (3 hrs)
  • BA656 Applied Human Resource Management (3 hrs)
  • BA664 Organizational Leadership (3 hrs)
  • BA667 Liability Risks in Products and Services (3 hrs)
  • BA657 Applied Research Project (3 hrs)
  • MG562 Organizational Theory and Design (3 hrs)
  • BA641 Entrepreneurship

(Group B 6 hours)  Select 2 additional graduate courses in a management related area:

  • BA521 Topics in Entrepreneurship (3 hrs)
  • BA531 Imagination, Creativity and Innovation (3 hrs)
  • BA551 Managing and Growing New Ventures (3 hrs)
  • BA561 Business Planning for New Ventures (3 hrs)
  • BA661 External Environment of Business (3 hrs)
  • BA662 Contemporary Issues in Business (3 hrs)
  • BA671 Business Topics Seminar (3 hrs)
  • MG526 Managing and Developing Talent (3 hrs)
  • MG546 Acquiring and Compensating Talent (3 hrs) Prerequisite: MG356 or BA600 with grade of "C".
  • MG560 International Management (3 hrs)
  • MG566 Legal and Union Issues in Human Resources (3 hrs) Prerequisite: MG356 or BA600 with grade of "C".
  • MG550 Improving Team Performance

*Course offerings will be dependent upon student demand and resource availability.