Southeast Missouri State University

Program Plan

Core Course Requirements

Course Number Course Name Hours
EA-716 Instructional Leadership Strategies I 3
EA-718 Instructional Leadership Strategies II 3
EA-737 Administration of Curriculum 3
EA-755 School District Law 3
EA-756 School Finance 3
EA-785 School Plant Planning & Operation 3


12 credit hours

Appropriate number of approved 600 & 700 Level Electives or:

Course Number Course Name Hours
EA-781 Variable Topics II 3
EA-781 Variable Topics II 3
EA-781 Variable Topics II 3
EA-781 Variable Topics II 3
GR-799 Specialist Oral Examination 0

We have agreed that completion of the program of studies outlined above is intended to support the renewal of the Missouri teaching certificate. Other certification support is not implied.

Course Descriptions

EA716: Instructional Leadership Strategies I

Designed to acquaint educators with theories and current research that support innovative practices and effective teaching strategies in K-12 school settings. The emphasis of the course will be the study of design, implementation, and evaluation of curricular, instructional and assessment decisions as they impact the teaching and learning environment of schools with diverse ethnic, socio-economic and special needs populations. The implications of current school improvement efforts, issues and trends in K-12 education will be explored. The role of teachers as instructional leaders will be emphasized as this role leads to improving classroom performance and student achievement. (3 credit hours)

EA718: Instructional Leadership Strategies II

Designed to provide students an advanced understanding of the factors and processes related to teacher leadership in K-12 educational settings. The emphasis of the course will be improving classroom performance and student achievement as it relates to school improvement efforts. Students will learn to apply their knowledge of educational theories and current research as it relates to effective teaching strategies and innovative practices. Topics such as mentoring, community relations, shared decision-making, professional development, best practices, classroom management and assessment issues will be addressed. (3 credit hours)

EA737:Administration of Curriculum

Designed to provide an understanding and knowledge related to the administration and development of curriculum, to examine the national, state, district and school roles in curriculum matters; to explore research findings in the literature for trends in curriculum change, and to understand the components of a district curriculum. Prerequisites: Master's degree and admittance to the specialist degree program; EL606 Curriculum Construction (Elementary) or SE637 Curriculum Construction (Secondary). (3 credit hours)

EA755: School District Law

A study of law that includes the basic fields of contracts, property, torts, constitutional law, and other areas of law that directly affect the educational and administrative processes of the educational system. Prerequisites: EA650 or permission of instructor. (3 credit hours)

EA756: Financial Management and Leadership

Designed to prepare the aspiring and practicing school administrator for the responsibilities of financial management at the central office level of leadership in public schools. Includes theoretical concepts and practical skills necessary for successful school administration in the realm of finance. Emphasis on building budgets using state, local and federal funds. Prerequisites: Admittance to the graduate program specialist level.

EA785: School Plant Planning and Operation

Designed to help central office administrators become cognizant of the fundamental concepts of planning, designing and constructing new educational facilities and/or the rehabilitation, remodeling or modernization of existing facilities. Additionally, the course includes operation and maintenance programs. Prerequisite(s): Admission to the Specialist in Educational Administration degree program. (3 credit hours)

EA781: Variable Topics II

Directed study of professional development topics, issues and trends in public schools through seminars, forums, etc. Students may complete up to 12 professional development graduate credit hours to be utilized in the degree. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. (3 credit hours).

GR799: Specialist Oral Examination

For more information, please consult the Graduate Bulletin. Refer to "Graduate Course Listings" in the Graduate Bulletin for a complete list of graduate courses and descriptions.

Note: Missouri certification is also based on the possession of knowledge and /or competency in several areas. The student should work closely with his/her field study supervisors (University and School District) to determine experiences of most benefit for the acquisitions of these requirements. The selection of any elective also can aid the acquisition of these state expectations.

An application for candidacy must be filled out and submitted to your advisor after completion of 15 hours. The form can be found at here.

To help you in planning your degree, a rotation of courses can be found at The department will make every effort to maintain the published rotation of courses; however, it is a tentative schedule.

We have agreed that completion of the program of studies outlined above is intended to support the certification as identified at the top of this page.  Other certification support is not implied.