Accreditation is the minimum set of organizational standards that the Greek Life office believes each Greek organization should strive to achieve annually. Accreditation materials can be found on a designated member’s Moodle account. It looks similar to an online course in the account. The chapter will have the entire Spring semester to designate who is responsible for submitting accreditation materials by the end of the calendar year. If the chapter has not shared which member is responsible to the Greek Life Office by the end of the semester, it will default to the organization’s president. It is encouraged that chapter presidents and advisors have the designated member assigned to submit accreditation materials show them submission progress throughout the year.

Chapters who are not accredited should meet with the Greek Life office in order to discuss why they were not accredited. Governing councils may choose to require improvement plans from chapters who fail to meet accreditation. If a chapter is only interested in meeting minimum accreditation then all they would need to complete are the designated “minimum standards” section. If a chapter goes above the designated “minimum standards” section and begins to complete more submissions, that chapter could qualify to receive recognition for awards announced during Greek Week. Chapter awards are based on strength of submission. All accreditation materials will be due based on a timeline developed by the Greek Life office and the Greek Community President's Council.

How to Update Chapter Rosters

The Office of Greek Life understands that accurate Greek rosters are essential for every chapter. Below is the step by step process for adding and removing members from your roster. All final updates to chapter rosters must be submitted by November 10 during the Fall semester and April 1 during the Spring semester.

How to add a member: Affiliation cards are required for every student who receives a bid from a Greek organization. The student who has accepted a bid must sign the grade release section on the affiliation card in order to have their grade information released to the organization. Affiliation cards must be completed within 48 hours of a student accepting a bid. Affiliation cards are available in the Office of Greek Life, University Center 413.

How to remove a member: Disaffiliation cards are required for every Greek member who has been removed by the organization or who has resigned from the organization. Disaffiliation cards do not require signature of the member disaffiliating but they do require signature of the President or executive board designee of the chapter.

Chapters may request the Office of Greek Life to print off their rosters any day the Office is open. We ask that chapters give the Office at least 24 hours' notice with the request.

How to Report Hazing

Southeast Missouri State University has a zero tolerance policy on hazing. If you feel that you or someone that you know has been hazed please report it to the Office of Greek Life at (573)-986-7301 or In the event of a hazing allegation, it is protocol for the University to place the accused organization on an interim suspension until an investigation is conducted. The National/Regional HQ for the accused organization will also be notified of the allegations so that they may conduct their own investigation concurrently with the University. Upon completion of the investigation, a decision will be made whether there is enough evidence to support that hazing has taken place. If it is decided evidence supports the allegation, the chapter will go through a student conduct hearing and face severe University sanctions.

Report Hazing


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