How to Report Hazing

Southeast Missouri State University has a zero tolerance policy on hazing. If you feel that you or someone that you know has been hazed please report it to the Office of Greek Life at (573)-986-7301 or In the event of a hazing allegation, it is protocol for the University to place the accused organization on an interim suspension until an investigation is conducted. The National/Regional HQ for the accused organization will also be notified of the allegations so that they may conduct their own investigation concurrently with the University. Upon completion of the investigation, a decision will be made whether there is enough evidence to support that hazing has taken place. If it is decided evidence supports the allegation, the chapter will go through a student conduct hearing and face severe University sanctions.

Report Hazing

How to Update Chapter Rosters

The Office of Greek Life understands that accurate Greek rosters are essential for every chapter. Below is the step by step process for adding and removing members from your roster. All final updates to chapter rosters must be submitted by November 10 during the Fall semester and April 10 during the Spring semester.

These rosters are included in the President's reports and are part of a Google Doc for each chapter. These rosters are to be submitted every month on the 10th so the office can make updates. Those members who leave or graduate will be moved to the bottom of the Google Doc roster and kept on the roster listing for at least one additional year. Chapter members who graduate or leave the chapter are not included in any grade roster.

How to add a member: Affiliation cards are required for every student who receives a bid from a Greek organization. The student who has accepted a bid must sign the grade release section on the affiliation card in order to have their grade information released to the organization. Affiliation cards must be completed within 48 hours of a student accepting a bid. Affiliation cards are available in the Office of Greek Life, University Center 413. Chapters may request the Office of Greek Life to print off their rosters any day the Office is open. We ask that chapters give the Office at least 24 hours' notice with the request.

Request Mailings

Chapters wishing to have mail sent out from the University should follow the following steps:

  1. Contact the University’s Custodian of Records or Institutional Research Office to request the population of people you wish to mail. Be sure to consider the demographic that you wish to mail your information to. For example, do you want all students of a certain class year, part-time vs. full-time students? Do you want to send mail to students who are not enrolled for a specific semester or students who are within a certain age range? You can request this information by following the instructions on the Sunshine Law website via the Institutional Research website. Once a request is received, the Custodian of Records will work with the Institutional Research Office, Registrar, or other pertinent office to produce an appropriate reply.
    1. Be sure to ask for name and whether you want their home (permanent) or an on-campus mailing address
  2. Develop whatever mailing you wish to have sent and arrange for the printing of these materials via a vendor of your choice. You may need to wait until you hear back from Institutional Research to confirm how much printing you need to have done.
  3. Verify your mailings, if being done as part of rush/recruitment efforts, require approval by the relevant Greek Governing Council. Approval of mailings by IFC/NPC/NPHC is the responsibility of the chapter and not the Greek Life office.
  4. Pre-stuff the envelopes with the materials you wish to have sent. You can seal the envelopes or they can be sealed for you via the University’s mail processing service.
    1. To allow room for the postage to be applied, a 3" wide by 1 1/2" tall space should be reserved with no tape or marks in this area on the upper right corner.
  5. The stuffed envelopes or postcards should be taken to University Receiving at 610 Washington Ave, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701. Charges for all postage will be applied to the appropriate account. For example, charges can be assessed to an individual student or to an organization, as long as the organization has an active account, via a S0 number, with the University.
  6. Only mailing of 200 or more are eligible for bulk mail, all other mail is sent via standard USPS first class rates.
  7. The address information from Institutional Research Office should be forwarded to University Receiving, via email at All address information must be sent in Microsoft Excel format.
  8. Typically mailings under 200 pieces are sent within one business day. If you desire to send a mailing of more than 500 pieces please contact University Receiving ahead of time to confirm the schedule for your mailing.

University Receiving Contact Information – Mark Westrich
573.651.2998 or
610 Washington Ave
One University Plaza, MS 4850
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701


(573) 986-7301

One University Plaza, MS1200
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701