Dempster Hall

Dempster Hall is one of the finest comprehensive facilities in the state of Missouri to support undergraduate business programs. It is a technology-rich learning environment that contains a large array of hands-on business technology for students to use.

This $15.8 million building continues to be a state-of-the-art environment designed to allow students to experience the finest in technological instruction and to receive programs and instruction from around the world via the Internet and satellite technology. The building provides an ergonomic, efficient and beautiful atmosphere for learning today's latest business tools.

  • A leaning environment that is 100 percent wireless
  • 11 general classrooms all digitally connected to the world
  • 400-seat multimedia auditorium
  • Two interactive-enabled classrooms designed for interactive instruction to satellite campuses, simultaneous with on-campus instruction.
  • Three large fully networked computer labs for business students with 44-45 workstations, plus a smaller hands-on networking lab
  • Open computer lab with 45 stations
  • A student presentation lab for dveloping professional quality presentation materials
  • An executive conference room with teleconferencing capability
  • Conference rooms, business program suites, faculty offices, teleconferencing, marketing research room with observation areas
  • Large common areas available for students to gather to discuss group projects, study sessions or just to relax between classes
  • Spacious, inviting atrium that is a favorite gathering place for students when it is not being used for various functions
  • Studentcafe with tables, vending machines for refreshing breaks

Robert A. Dempster Hall truly is a graceful and pleasing setting for a practical purpose: Preparing Students for Success in the World of Business.


Dempster Hall 241
Harrison College of Business
One University Plaza, MS 5800
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701