For many students, the opportunity to study abroad is a major benefit of their college experience. According to national data, students at Southeast study abroad at a rate which is double the national average. Partially, that is because of the emphasis at Southeast on internationalization of the curricula and partially because of the outstanding opportunities and partnerships which are available.

Generally, students have access to more than 30 study-abroad opportunities. Specifically, students-particularly business students-have access to programs which are planned and conducted in conjunction with business faculty. In addition, many of these programs provide qualified students with the opportunity to gain academic credit and make normal progress toward the degree while paying Southeast fees only. Students can elect to spend a semester in any of more than 20 countries, with programs taught either substantially or totally in English, paying only regular Southeast tuition.

For those unable to participate in a semester-long program, the Harrison College of Business offers numerous short-term immersion programs. These may be completed for business credit and University Studies credit. Programs are offered during semester break, spring break, and between the end of the spring term and the beginning of the regular summer session, varing in length from a week to five weeks. These structured programs provide students the opportunity to hear from senior business executives associated with major international companies located abroad and to experience significant cultural venues and historic sites throughout the world.

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