Southeast Missouri State University

Presession - 1st 4 weeks  (May 20 - June 13, 2014)

  Course # Course Title Days Times Instructor Call #
Undergraduate AC221-740 Principles of Accounting I WEB WEB Beard 30570
Undergrad/Graduate AC548-740 Government & Not-for-Profit Accounting WEB WEB Johnson 30476
Undergraduate AD101-740 Introduction to Micro Applications WEB WEB Young 30002
Undergraduate BA490-740 Business Policy & Strategy WEB WEB Caldwell 30004
Undergraduate EC215-740 Principles of Microeconomics WEB WEB Weber 30020
Undergraduate FI361-740 Principles of Finacial Mgmt WEB WEB   Devaney 30811 
Undergrad/Graduate FI540-740 International Finance WEB WEB  Dow 30473
Undergraduate MG301-740 Principles of Management WEB WEB Dickson 30494
Undergraduate MG470-740 Leadership in Management WEB WEB Fluegge 30264
Undergraduate MK301-740 Principles of Marketing WEB WEB Sen 30495
Undergraduate QM352-740 Management Science WEB WEB Vanteddu 30481
Undergraduate QM358-740 Operations Management WEB WEB Ortiz 30482
Undergraduate UI301-740 Managerial Communication Processes WEB WEB LeGrand 30496
Undergraduate UI400 Business & Ethics WEB WEB Summary 30347

1st 6-Week Session (May 20 - June 27, 2014)

  Course # Course Title Days Times Instructor Call #
Undergraduate AC321-740 Financial Accounting & Reporting I WEB WEB Beard 30684
Graduate Course BA600-740 Managing & Leading Human Capital WEB WEB Caldwell 31014
Graduate Course BA630-740 Integ Decision Info Systems WEB WEB Schwieger 30175
Graduate Course BA668-740 Financial Environment WEB WEB Kunz 30070
Undergraduate FI260-740 Personal Finance WEB WEB Kunz 30694
Undergraduate MG457-740 Organizational Behavior  WEB  WEB Fluegge 31015


8-Week Regular Session (June 17 - August 8, 2014)

  Course # Course Title Days Times Instructor Call #
Undergraduate AC435-740 Tax of Individuals WEB WEB Varnon 31029
Undergrad/Graduate AC563-740 LEgal & Ethical Issues WEB WEB Gershuny 31031
Undergraduate BA361-740 Principles of Entrepreneurship WEB WEB Stapleton 30687
Undergraduate BA490-742 Business Policy & Strategy WEB WEB Redmond 30493
Undergrad/Graduate BL563-740 Legal & Ethical Issues in Acctg WEB WEB Gershuny 31032
Undergraduate EC101-740 Economic Problems & Policies WEB WEB Park 30272
Undergrad/Graduate EC580-740  International Business  WEB WEB Park 30693 
Undergraduate MK343-740 Advertising & Promotion WEB WEB Wiles 30041
Undergraduate MK348-740 Product & Pricing WEB WEB Thorne 30686
Undergraduate UI366-740 Law and Economics WEB WEB Summary 31017
Undergraduate UI371-740 Government & Business  WEB WEB Redmond 30278 

2nd 4-Week Session (June 17 - July 11, 2014)


  Course # Course Title Days Times Instructor Call #
Undergraduate AC222-740 Principles of Accounting II WEB WEB Varnon 30073
Undergraduate AC330-740 Accounting Information Systems WEB WEB Johnson 30475
Undergraduate BL255-740 Legal Environment in Business Law WEB WEB Gershuny 30477
Undergraduate EC225-740 Principles of Economics WEB WEB Weber 30474
Undergraduate FI365-740  Real Estate  WEB WEB Devaney 31022
Undergraduate MG301-742 Principles of Management WEB WEB Dickson 30500
Undergraduate MG362-740 Management Skills WEB WEB McMillan 30504
Undergraduate MI375-740 Management Information Systems WEB WEB Eom 30479
Undergraduate MK301-742 Principles of Marketing WEB WEB Heischmidt 30550
Undergraduate MK344-740 Consumer Behavior WEB WEB Thorne 30502
Undergrad/Graduate MK560-740 International Marketing WEB WEB Gordon 30506
Undergraduate QM257-740 Business Statistics I WEB WEB Ortiz 30480
Undergraduate QM258-740 Business Statistics II WEB WEB Vanteddu 31033
Undergraduate UI351-740 Public Opinion Mgmt WEB WEB Ricks  

3rd 4-Week Session (July 15 - August 8, 2014)

  Course # Course Title Days Times Instructor Call #


AC534-740 Financial Acct. & Reporting II WEB WEB Humphrey 31030
Undergraduate MG252-740 Business Communication WEB WEB LeGrand 30503


MG560-740  International Management  WEB  WEB  Mardanov  30501


MK555-740 Internet Marketing WEB WEB Sen 30505


UI400-740 Business & Ethics WEB WEB Cherry  

2nd 6-Week Session (June 30 - August 8, 2014)

  Course # Course Title Days Times Instructor Call #
Graduate Course BA620-740 Quanititative & Qualitative Research WEB WEB Yaskewich 30307
Graduate Course BA651-740 Strategic Marketing WEB WEB Cherry 30074
Graduate Course BA657-740 Applied Research WEB WEB Heischmidt 30157
Under Graduate MG356-740 Human Resource Management WEB WEB McMillan 30498