Course Waiting Lists

AC221 Principles of Accounting I 

AC222 Principles of Accounting II 

AC330 Accounting Information Systems

AC321 Intermediate Accounting I

AC331 Cost/Managerial Accounting

AC332 Financial Accounting and Reporting II

AC375 Financial Statement Analysis

AC435 Income Tax Accounting

AC437 Auditing

AC534 Financial Accounting and Reporting III

AC540 International Perspectives in Accounting

AC548 Not-for-Profit Accounting

AC545 Advanced Income Tax Accounting

AD101 Introduction to Microcomputer Applications

BA361 Entrepreneurship

BA452 - Professionalism

BA490 Business Policy and Strategy

BA521 Topics in Entrepreneurship

BA651 Strategic Marketing

BL255 Legal Environment of Business

EC101 Economic Problems and Policies

EC215 Principles of Microeconomics

EC225 Principles of Macroeconomics

EC360 Managerial Economics

EC580 International Economics

FI351 Principles of Insurance

FI361 Financial Management

FI362 Advanced Financial Management

FI363 Small Business Finance

FI364 Modern Financial Institutions

FI368 Investments

FI480 Financial Policy

FI540 International Finance

HA300 Introduction to Healthcare Management

HA525 Advanced Healthcare Quality

HA582 Health Care Budgeting and Reimbursement

HM205 Basic Culinary Techniques

HM260 Meeting and Event Management

HM270 Hotel and Resort Operation

HM304 Food, Beverage and Labor Cost Controls

HM350 Culinary Theory and Practice

HM390 Hospitality Sales and Marketing

HM416 Quantity Food Production

HM473 Internship in the Hospitality Management

IU300 Cyberlaw

IU305 Entrepreneurship

MG252 Business Communication

MG301 Management and Organizational Behavior

MG354 Topics in Management Communication

MG356 Human Resource Management I

MG362 Management Systems I

MG446 Human Resource Management II

MG456 Topics in Human Resource Management

MG457 Issues in Organizational Behavior

MG462 Management Systems II

MG470 Leadership in Management

MG560 International Management

MI375 Management Information Systems

MK301 Principles of Marketing

MK341 Public Relations

MK342 Professional Selling

MK343 Advertising and Promotion

MK344 Consumer Behavior

MK345 Introduction to Business Research

MK346 Distribution Management

MK347 Transportation

MK348 Product and Pricing Strategy

MK349 Retail Management

MK355 Internet Marketing

MK443 Integrating Marketing Communications Practicum

MK447 Sales Management

MK449 Marketing Management

MK478 Global Logistics

MK560 International Marketing

QM257 Business Statistics

QM258 Business Statistics II

QM352 Quantitative Methods in Business

QM358 Production/Operations Management

UI301 Managerial Communication Processes

UI349-740 Comparative Economic Systems

UI366 Law and Economics

UI351 Public Opinion Management

UI371-740 Government and Business

UI400-03 Business and Ethics

UI400-740 Business and Ethics

UI400-741 Business and Ethics


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