Academic Advising Center

Students in the Harrison College of Business benefit from personal, dedicated advising. In addition to the advising center, business majors also benefit from advising, class selection and placement from actual business faculty. Few universities have developed the advising process to the same level as Southeast. As a result, you will receive not only personal attention, but sound professional advice and direction throughout your business career at Southeast.

The Harrison College of Business Academic Advising Center serves as a resource for students interested in pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (B.S.B.A.) degree. The center provides the following information:

  • B.S.B.A. requirements (admission, retention and graduation)
  • Information about majors in the college/declaration of major forms
  • Information about minors in the college/declaration of minor forms
  • Hour overload requests
  • Explanation of the Degree Audit Report (DAR)
  • How to calculate your grade point average
  • Information about campus resources

All B.S.B.A. students are advised by the center prior to gaining admission to the college. In addition, new transfer students, returning students and all B.S.B.A. probationary students are also advised by the center.

The primary goal of the center is to furnish students with accurate information in a timely manner that will lead toward enrollment in a schedule of classes supporting the goals of the students while meeting degree requirements. Students are required to meet with an advisor each semester. Students should contact the center to schedule an advising appointment well in advance of the priority registration date. Advising appointments for the spring semester can be scheduled as early as September. Summer and fall advising appointments can be scheduled beginning in February.

Information covered during an advising appointment includes:

  • How to read a degree audit report (DAR)
  • Explanation of admission, retention and graduation requirements
  • Explanation of the business core and support courses
  • Tracking of the student's progress toward the B.S.B.A. degree
  • Recommendation of courses for the upcoming semester
  • Alternate pin number to access the registration system

New Incoming Freshmen

The Academic Advising Center provides advising services for a minimum of two years, as students are not assigned to a faculty advisor until after completion of all admission requirements to the college. A student's first contact with the center is at First Step Orientation, which is a required full-day orientation program. First Step provides information on services such as billing, financial aid, residence life and academic programs. The last session of the orientation program is advising and enrollment. Students leave First Step with a class schedule in hand. Information regarding First Step Orientation is mailed to students upon acceptance to Southeast.

Questions regarding First Step Orientation may be directed to New Student Programs by e-mail at or by phone at (573) 651-5166. Information regarding the admissions process is available from the Office of Admissions. Scholarship and financial aid information are available from Student Financial Services.

Transfer Students

All new transfer students are advised by the center their first semester, and possibly longer, depending on the progress the student has made in meeting the admission requirements to the college. Transfer students admitted to the University with less than 24 transferable degree credit hours must attend First Step Orientation in order to enroll in courses at Southeast.

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