Southeast Missouri State University

Southeast Student Battles Tornado's Wrath


Everyone knows that college life is stressful with papers, exams and endless assignments.  However, Breana Lee experienced a new level of stress this spring when a tornado ripped through her family’s home and hometown of Caruthersville, Mo.

“Our family home was unfortunately in the path of the tornado and was demolished with my mom and dogs crouched inside of a closet in the house.  You never really think that disasters will happen to your family, but it did and we’re getting through it one day at a time.  The devastation from the storm really brought out the best of people in our community, and it was really wonderful to see everyone helping each other.”

Breana says the Southeast community was also very supportive after the storm.

“There were so many volunteers from the Cape Girardeau area so willing to help, from electric companies, firefighter, police units, the Red Cross, etc.  The whole community was touched by the efforts from the volunteers,” she said.

Breana is currently working on degree in finance.  After graduating, she hopes to be a financial advisor.  She says she has enjoyed her experience at Southeast since her first day on campus.  In particular, she enjoys the campus being small enough for a personal experience in the classroom, while at the same time, the Cape Girardeau community is large enough for different cultural activities, such as painting and photography, two of her hobbies.

Over spring break, Breana hopes to study abroad and experience Europe.

Breana’s advice to future Southeast students is “try your hardest and persevere through the tough times.” 

Following her own advice has helped Breana to make it through difficult classes at Southeast.  In addition, it has allowed her to overcome the destruction caused by the tornado to her family home and hometown of Caruthersville, Mo.