Southeast Missouri State University

Am I required to participate in the passport program?
Students are strongly encouraged to participate in this program, but are not required to do so.
Is there a cost of the passport?
Your original passport is provided to you at no cost by the HCB. Please note:  there may be a cost associated with an activity you  select.
When can I get my passport stamped?
During the last two weeks of classes plus finals week of each semester.
What if I lose my passport?
You may request a replacement passport from the Associate Dean, DH241B. The cost is $10.
What specific documentation do I need in order to get a stamp?
  • Workshops and seminars:  certificate of attendance (form available at HCB website)
  • Clubs and organizations:  letter from organization on the organization’s letterhead, signed by president and faculty sponsor
  • Teams:  Letter from team sponsor.
  • Attendance to events/activities:  handout at event site accompanied by attendance form (available at HCB website) signed by faculty or other official person at the event. 
    Internship: employer evaluation .
  • Career Leader Assessment:  assessment report.
  • Career Services (CL001-CL004):  documentation from Career Services.
  • Voluntary community service:  certificate of participation attesting to your participation signed by sponsoring organization or recipient.
  • HCB sponsored foreign travel:  certificate of attendance.
  • St. Louis Interview Days:  certificate of attendance.
  • Job search portfolio:  the portfolio (see website for items to include:  “Documentation of Job Search Portfolio.”
  • Mock interview session:  certificate of attendance
  • River Campus cultural event:  certificate of attendance.
  • Presentation to external audience:  certificate of attendance.
  • Publication in professional business journal:  copy of journal article
What if I lose the required documentation?
It is your responsibility to present the appropriate documentation of attendance/participation. You should determine if the documentation can be recreated. Copies of signatures are not acceptable.
What if I do not accumulate 1,000 points before I graduate?
You may continue accumulating points if you enter the HCB MBA program. If you graduate and leave campus, the passport should be useful in your job search, and serve as a reminder of our commitment to your success. Since a primary benefit of the passport program is recording your activities on the official transcript, it is in your interest to accumulate the 1,000 points prior to graduation.
Can I receive a stamp for the same event/activity more than one time?
Yes, some events/activities are available for multiple stamps. Events available for multiple stamps are listed more than once in the Passport stamping section.
Who do I contact if I have a question about the passport program?
Your first and best source is the HCB website. If the information you seek is not on the website, you should contact the Business Advising Center. If your question remains unanswered, you should contact your advisor or visit with the Associate Dean, Dr. Gary G. Johnson in room 241B or email at: