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Southeast Senior Finds the 'Luck of the Irish'

College of Business

Elizabeth Kintz of St. Louis, Mo., recently spent a semester studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland.  Elizabeth, who plans to graduate with a degree in business administration, says she had the experience of a lifetime while studying at the Dublin Institute of Technology.

Elizabeth says she wanted to study abroad after taking an international business course in Paris and London during spring break last March.

“I was inspired to travel to other parts of the world,” Elizabeth said.  “I wanted to experience more international travel and thought there was no better way than to study abroad for a semester to gain that experience.”

Elizabeth said she chose to study in Dublin because it offered a wide range of classes that would transfer and were of  interest to her “all while gaining credits just as I would at Southeast.”

While in Dublin, Elizabeth said she had the opportunity to visit many other locations.  Because Dublin is a major hub for Ryanair Airlines, she, and other students were able to travel at very low fares.

“While in Dublin, I was able to travel throughout Ireland and also visit Morocco, Scotland, Amsterdam, Belgium, Spain, Island of Malta, Island of Capri, Italy, France, Greece, Rome, Cyprus and Egypt,” Elizabeth said.

Elizabeth said that there were many facets of Ireland she enjoyed, she most liked the environment.

“The overall feel of Dublin just felt like home,” Elizabeth said.  “The people were very nice and the city was always very positive.  I loved the fact that we could walk everywhere and the streets were always filled with people.  Dublin is a very lively city and there is always something to do.”

Elizabeth said she feels that the opportunity to travel abroad is something that will have an impact on her life forever, and she will never forget the wonderful places and people she met.  Being around different languages and cultures is something that she believes everyone needs to experience.

“Traveling to underprivileged countries made me realize just how lucky I am and how good we have it in the United States,” Elizabeth said.  “It makes you appreciate all the small things.”

 Elizabeth’s time at Southeast has provided her with many other opportunities as well.

“I have been given the opportunity of meeting friends who I feel I will never be out of touch with, while building and maintaining a strong education,” Elizabeth said.  “Studying abroad had to be one of the best decisions I made while at Southeast.  With this I was able to experience and travel to places that I had never imagined before, see the world from a totally different perspective and learn never to take anything for granted.”

When Elizabeth isn’t busy with class, she likes to travel, go hiking, snowboard and spend time with family and friends at her lake house.  Elizabeth offers the following advice to Southeast students: 

“Take advantage of the time you have.  People always told me that time would fly, and as I look back, I wish I would have taken more time to do things such as studying abroad and getting involved in more on-campus activities.”

Photo of Elizabeth Kintz.

Photo of Elizabeth Kintz.

Photo of Elizabeth Kintz in Egypt.