Pre-Business Majors

By beginning now in the Passport Program, you will be learning and earning the valuable points needed to graduate with a college awarded certificate in "professional development.

Frequently Asked Questions
View the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Passport to Success program.

Certificate of Attendance:

Used in conjunction with events attended. The certificate must be signed by an official person at the events conclusion. An example could be attending a Common Hour speaker event.

Certificate of Participation:

Used in conjunction with events you participate in. The certificate must be signed by an official person representing the organization you are representing in the event. An example could be a community project of your club, fraternity, sorority, church, or civic organization.

Cultural Events List:

Provides the date and type of event at the River Campus of all "passport acceptable" activities. Please note that there is a cost to attend most of the cultural events.

Type of Documentation Required for Passport Activities:

A listing of the various types of documentation to submit for verification.

Job Search Portfolio Guidelines:

Compilation of materials needed in a job search. The  portfolio includes an approved resume, research on at least five companies or firms, three samples of important work you have completed, and a timeline of your job search actions.


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