Purpose of the Passport Program
The HCB Passport Program is designed to give business majors the opportunity to gain critical knowledge and skills not always available in the classroom, but vital to "rounding out" the ideal graduate seeking to enter a professional career. Accumulate 1000 passport points to be awarded a Certificate of Professional Advancement by the Harrison College of Business.
Frequently Asked Questions
View the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Passport to Success program.

Certificate of Attendance:

Used in conjunction with events attended. The certificate must be signed by an official person at the events conclusion. An example could be attending a Common Hour speaker event.

Certificate of Participation:

Used in conjunction with events you participate in. The certificate must be signed by an official person representing the organization you are representing in the event. An example could be a community project of your club, fraternity, sorority, church, or civic organization.

Cultural Events List:

Provides the date and type of event at the River Campus of all "passport acceptable" activities. Please note that there is a cost to attend most of the cultural events.

Type of Documentation Required for Passport Activities:

A listing of the various types of documentation to submit for verification.

Job Search Portfolio Guidelines:

Compilation of materials needed in a job search. The portfolio includes an approved resume, research on at least five companies or firms, three samples of important work you have completed, and a timeline of your job search actions.


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