This program of study prepares student to provide services in nutrition and exercise interventions for the promotion of lifestyle change. The program is designed for those students with a degree in an allied health field.

Program Prerequisites:
  • undergraduate grade point average of 3.0/4.0
  • a 3.0 average in the following coursework: nutrition science, exercise physiology, anatomy and physiology, and organic and/or biochemistry
  • a combined score of 290 on the verbal and quantitative sections of the Graduate Record Examination
    conditional admission will be considered if:
    • prerequisites are partially filled and gpa and GRE criteria are met
    • undergraduate GPA is a 2.75 or higher and product of undergraduate gpa and sum of GRE scores (verbal and quantitative) exceeds 795.
    • GPA requirement is met when a combined GRE score is greater or equal to 280 with a minimum of 135 in each section.

Admission to the MS in Nutrition and Exercise Science is a two-step process. Students first must be accepted into the Graduate School before being accepted into the program. The number of slots available in class is limited each year, so it is possible that students will not gain admittance who have met all prerequisites.


Course Number Course Title Credit
HL 601 Physiology of Exercise  3 hours
HL/FN 690  Seminar in Nutrition and Exercise Science 3 hours
HL 621 Exercise in Health and Disease 3 hours
GR 691 Methods of Research 3 hours
PY 571 Introductory Behavioral Statistics 3 hours
FN 635 Energy Metabolism 3 hours
FN 530 Pathophysiology: Implications for Nutrition & Exercise Science 3 hours
FN 605 Nutrition in the Life Cycle 3 hours
Electives* 9 hours
HL 691 Applied Research** 3 hours
HL/FN 699 Internship** 3 hours

*at least 3 of the 9 required elective hours must come from either HL or FN classes
**HL 691-Applied Research and HL/FN 6xx-Internship may be replaced by HE 694 and HE 695-Thesis if the student chooses that option.


Parker Hall 216
Department of Health, Human Performance and Recreation
One University Plaza, MS 7650
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701
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