Tuition (14 hours of graduate credit based on 2013-2014 rate) $3997.00(in-state)
Course Fee $1500.00 (non-refundable)
Graduate School Application Fee

$ 30.00

Textbooks & Reference Materials $500.00
Professional Liability Insurance $ 37.00
Health Insurance varies according to plan
Physical Examination (immunizations) $200.00
Housing (depends on location & if accommodations are shared)* $300-$400/month
Transportation and Meals** $400-$500/month
ADA Student Membership $50.00
RD Exam Review Course (Does not include lodging, transportation, or meals) $500.00
Estimated possible additional travel expenses** $1000.00

*Computer and internet access are required.
**Will vary depending on supervised practice site but access to an automobile is required.