Reflections - January 2010

Greetings to all. I am extremely pleased that the College of Health and Human Services (CHHS) has revived Reflections, the college newsletter. Since the last publication, many changes have occurred within the college. What has not changed is the strong commitment to quality education, a significant advocacy role for students, and the college’s reputation of providing service to the local and regional community.

One of the happiest days of my life was August 1, 2002, the day I assumed the role as Dean of the College of Health and Human Services at Southeast Missouri State University. Fortunately, I inherited a very active academic college community with committed departmental administrators and a faculty dedicated to the academic health and well-being of approximately 1800 students. As of Fall 2009, the college enrollment has grown to over 2,300 majors.

The College of Health and Human Services (CHHS) is the fastest growing college on campus. Currently, students select from majors offered within six academic departments and taught by exemplary full-time and adjunct faculty. Aerospace ROTC, a component of the college, offers a minor. Collectively, the college is very active in the delivery of high quality teaching, professional development, research accomplishments, and service. In the few short years of my service, two CHHS faculty members, Dr. Louise Hart and Dr. Marcia Nelms have received the prestigious Pride Award. Three faculty have represented the University as the recipient of the Outstanding Teacher of the Year, awarded by the Cape Girardeau Chamber of Commerce. Chamber recipients are Dr. Shelba Branscum, Dr. Mark Langenfeld, and Dr. Jeremy Barnes.

Since the last publication of Reflections, some of our outstanding teachers and administrators have retired. These have included the following:

  • Dr. Sakina Drummond, Chairperson-Department of Communication Disorders
  • Dr. Louise Hart, Chairperson - Department of Nursing
  • Dr. Mary Ann Vogelsang, Chairperson - Department of Communication Disorders
  • Dr. Glenn Wade, Department of Health, Human Performance, and Recreation
  • Dr. Mary Ann Kellerman- Department of Human Environmental Studies
  • Dr. Sophia Hadjian - Department of Communication Disorders
  • Dr. Gwinn Lovel - Department of Criminal Justice and Sociology
  • Dr. Hank Azuma – Department of Criminal Justice and Sociology
  • Dr. Gerald Stott - Department of Criminal Justice and Sociology
  • Mr. Bill Thompson – Department of Social Work
  • Dr. Tim Rademaker - Department of Health, Human Performance, and Recreation

Several community serving agencies and activities are an extension of the college, with many supported by externally funded grants written by CHHS faculty. These agencies include the A.P.P.L.E. Project, Center for Child Studies, Child Care Resource and Referral/Workshop on Wheels, Educare, First Steps Spoe, Hoover Eldercare Center, Horizon Enrichment Center, Law Enforcement Academy, Regional Support Center, and the University Child Enrichment Center. Outreach activities focused on gerontology are also among college initiatives. The most recent CHHS significant accomplishment, to impact the University’s service region of southeast Missouri, is Southeast Health On Wheels, more commonly known as the S.H.O.W. Mobile. The S.H.O.W. Mobile is in partnership with Southeast Missouri Hospital.

With the support of Provost Jane Stephens and President Ken Dobbins, CHHS has continued to enhance curriculum development through additional program offerings and equipment purchases. I hope that you will become a regular reader of Reflections and an alumni contributor by sharing news of your accomplishments and providing ideas to positively impact CHHS programs and activities. We sincerely want to hear from you and would welcome you to a campus visit.

--Dean Loretta Prater


Crisp Hall 132
College of Health & Human Services
One University Plaza, MS 8000
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701