Reflections - September 2003


Greetings!! I am hopeful that the semester is progressing well for everyone. From my observations, the College of Health and Human Services continues to function within a productive and professional posture that leads to successful outcomes. It has been widely communicated that public higher education in America is experiencing some unique fiscal challenges, and Southeast Missouri State University is among those institutions impacted. Although we are involved in a process that none may have welcomed, I am proud to be a part of a unit in which positive energy is focused on completing assigned tasks in a quality manner.

As always, the College of Health and Human Services is moving forward. I am happy to share news of some of the events that occurred in September. Please forward to me any activities that occur during October that I could share with the college in future REFLECTIONS.

  • The Department of Criminal Justice and Sociology participated in its annual Blood Drive with the American Red Cross. This effort is a tremendous service to the community and is significant in saving the lives of countless individuals.
  • The Institute of Gerontology was a co-sponsor for the Alzheimer’s Memory Walk on September 20, 2003. The Social Work club participated in this event and raised $500 of contributions.
  • NSSLHA, the student professional organization in the Department of Communication Disorders hosted a picnic at the county park on September 24, 2003. Faculty, administrators and their families joined the students for food and fun.
  • The Department of Nursing received a federal grant in the amount of $685,000 for a three year period to educate nurses in the Bootheel area at the master’s degree level.
  • Marcia Nahikian Nelms, Associate Professor in Human Environmental Studies is the lead co-author of the Second Edition (2004 copyright) of Medical Nutrition Therapy: A Case Study Approach, published by Wadsworth. Congratulations to Marcia.
  • The recipient of the Alumni Merit Award from the College of Health and Human Services is Dr. J. Bradley Wigger, Class of 1981. He is a Social Work graduate and is currently an Associate Professor at Louisville Presbyterian Theology Seminary in Louisville, KY. He will be unable to attend the Merit Award/Copper Dome Dinner on October 3rd, but will be represented by his parents, Emily and Jim Wigger of St. Louis.
  • Arrick Jackson of Criminal Justice and Sociology received a Drug Education for Youth Grant from the Department of Public Safety for $34,000.
  • Desma Reno is President of the Community Outreach Board in Jackson, MO.
  • Julie Sappington, Assistant Professor of Nursing is the author of “Nurturance: The spirit of Holistic Nursing,” an article recently published in the Journal of Holistic Nursing, Vol. 21, No.1.
  • Dr. John Wade recently returned from Sacramento, California in which he represented the University at the U.S. Marshal’s Service Partnership for Excellence. The College of Health and Human Services’ Department of Criminal Justice and Sociology at Southeast is the only program in MO and one of two programs in the midwest selected for participation. The other participating university in the midwest is the University of Illinois at Chicago. There are 65 universities in the 2003-2004 program. Congratulations again to Dr. Wade and his faculty.
  • On September 25, the Southeast Missourian featured Dr. Ed Leoni’s lifestyle enhancement class. This was a follow-up from previous articles to determine the continuing impact of his class. The focus of the enhancements is in the areas of spiritual, physical, emotional, vocational, and social well-being. Five students were interviewed and reported that they changed behaviors as a result of taking the class last summer.
  • Welcome to the following new hires in September: Becky Wulfers, the new clinic secretary in the Department of Communication Disorders; CaSheeta Jordan, a student worker in the Dean’s Office; and Julie Poirot of the Hoover Center.
  • Congratulations to the former Dr. Marcia Brown of the Department of Communication Disorders, who was married on September 20, 2003 and is now Dr. Marcia Brown Haimes. Wedding bells continue to ring within the college.
  • In the September 26, 2003 issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education on Page A30, there is a listing of federal earmarks for institutions in Missouri. Featured is the notice that the Department of Nursing received $98,356 from the Department of Health and Human Services to buy new equipment for the undergraduate nursing program. Congratulations to Dr. Hart, the faculty and staff of the Department of Nursing.
  • The Dean attended a St. Louis Alumni event on September 18. Among those CHHS alumni in attendance were Ron Auer, Bob Butyler, Betty Chaffin, Mary Lou Kuhnmuench, and Lydia Meier. Mary Ann Vogelsang, a former chair of Communications Disorders, was also in attendance.
  • Linda Heitman of the Department of Nursing completed the Evenflo 2000 Infant Monitor/Intercom Quality Management Project. She conducted this research with the Intensive Care Units at Southeast Missouri Hospital.
  • Dr. Fred Janzow has reminded faculty that professional development money is available for faculty members who teach UI classes.
  • The Social Work Department initiated a wonderful film series. The first film was shown on September 24, 2003 and dealt with the issue of social justice. There were 70+ persons in attendance.
  • Martha Cook, of Communication Disorders, recently completed certification for the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment program. She will work with graduate students this semester regarding this program. This service is new to the region and will provide effective voice treatment to person’s with Parkinson’s disease. Desma Reno of the Department of Nursing is providing information to the local Parkinson’s disease support group. This effort is an example of effective collaboration between departments within CHHS.

September birthdays were celebrated by the following:

  • Sheila Banville
  • Lawrence Fleming
  • Sydney Fleming
  • Arrick Jackson
  • Becky Johnson
  • Brenda Johnson
  • Tim Rademaker
  • Joyce Renaud
  • Kevin Squibb
  • Tammy Staten
  • Fonda Temple
  • Cathy Young


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