Reflections - Jan - May 2004


Greetings to all. I sincerely hope your spring semester was productive and personally rewarding. I must admit that my reflections are less comprehensive than usual. Forgive me if I neglect to report some of your accomplishments. The spring semester was very challenging for me, based on some unique and unfortunate circumstances. On behalf of my family and me, I must again express to you my appreciation for your support and understanding.

The College of Health and Human Services (CHHS) continues active engagement in activities that demonstrate a commitment to teaching, research and service. During the January-May, 2004 time period, special recognitions have been received to highlight the fact that others are aware of the accomplishments of CHHS faculty. The reflections reported below represent a mere excerpt of some of the CHHS happenings during December and the spring semester.

Thanks to all who participated or contributed in any way to the success of the holiday party at Celebrations.

Dr. Linda Heitman of the Nursing Department had a book chapter published in “Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives: The Stories of Nurses.”

U.S. Senator Jim Talent visited the Nursing Department in Crisp Hall to discuss the tremendous shortage of nurses.

Dr. Beth Easter of Health, Recreation and Human Performance, received funding from the Grants and Research Funding Committee for the project “An Investigation into the Basis of Serial Position Learning in Animals.”

Kimberly Rueseler, Early Head Start Infant Lead Teacher and Jacqueline Waites, Intake Specialist in Child Care Resource and Referral, have joined the CHHS family.

Dr. Carol Veneziano, Criminal Justice and Sociology, received a grant from the Grants and Research Funding Committee to support the publication of “Neuropsychological Executive Functions of Adolescent Sex Offenders and Non-Sex Offenders.”

Dr. John Wade and Linda Keena, Criminal Justice and Sociology, have been appointed by Governor Bob Holden to serve on the Missouri Methamphetamine Task Force. They also made a presentation at the Governor’s Summit on Methamphetamine in Kansas City, Mo.

Drs. Craig Elder, Amanda Sinclair and Mark Langenfeld of Health, Human Performance and Recreation were successful in receiving funding from the Grants and Research Funding Committee for the research project, “A longitudinal study of adolescent responses to neurophychological testing using IMPACT.”

CHHS was well represented at the Student Life and Leadership Awards Banquet on April 30, 2004. Congratulations to Katherine (Katie) Mees, Social Work Department and a member of the Dean’s Student Advisory Board, as the student recipient of the Provost Award to represent CHHS. Congratulations to Dianmon Gonner, Criminal Justice and Sociology, as the student recipient of the Experiential Learning Award. This is a new award category established by Student Affairs. Other CHHS persons receiving awards at the ceremony were Dr. Sarah Hardin, Health Human Performance and Recreation; Karena Sousa, Dietetics student from Human Environmental Studies; and Rachael Schlosser, a graduate student from Human Environmental Studies.

Lt. Brian M. Clark, Criminal Justice and Sociology and a member of the Dean’s Student Advisory Board, was commissioned during the Air Force ROTC ceremony on May 15, 2004. Brian graduated and will be reporting to his first assignment at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas.

The following persons have returned signed contracts and are expected to join CHHS as faculty members in 2004-2005: Jennifer Baumgartner - Human Environmental Studies; Jayanti Ray - Communication Disorders; and Barry Nicholson - Health, Human Performance, and Recreation.

Congratulations to the following persons for being selected to represent their department as outstanding teacher nominees at the college recognition ceremony: Kevin Squibb - Communication Disorders; Linda Keena - Criminal Justice and Sociology; Edward Leoni - Health, Human Performance and Recreation; Sharo Shafaie - Human Environmental Studies; Linda Heitman - Nursing; and Jean Bernstein - Social Work.

Congratulations to the following persons for being selected to represent their department as outstanding service provider nominees at the college recognition ceremony: Martha Cook - Communication Disorders; Michael Brown - Criminal Justice and Sociology; Sarah Hardin - Health, Human Performance, and Recreation; Shelba Branscum - Human Environmental Studies; Kathryn Kornegay - Nursing; and Janice Chadha - Social Work.

Congratulations to the following persons for being selected to represent their department as the outstanding researcher nominee for the college recognition ceremony: Sakina Drummond - Communication Disorders; Arrick Jackson - Criminal Justice and Sociology; Joe Pujol - Health, Human Performance and Recreation; Marcia Nelms - Human Environmental Studies; Jenny Harkey - Nursing; and Robert Polack - Social Work.

Congratulations to the following persons selected to represent the college at the spring college awards ceremony: Kevin Squibb - Outstanding Teacher; Shelba Branscum - Outstanding Service Provider; and Sakina Drummond - Outstanding Researcher.

Congratulations to Dr. Shelba Branscum, Human Environmental Studies, who was selected by the Cape Girardeau Chamber of Commerce as the 2004 University Educator of the Year.

Congratulations to Dr. Louise Hart, chairperson of the Department of Nursing, for being selected as the recipient of the Pride Award.

Dr. Loretta Prater served as the chairperson of the McNeese State University (La.) accreditation site team for the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences.

Well wishes are extended to Dr. Sophia Hadjian of Communication Disorders. She has retired and will be relocating to another state.

The following persons were recognized for their service to the university at the annual recognition program on May 2, 2004:

  • Dr. Gwinn Lovel (Criminal Justice and Sociology) - Emeriti Retiree
  • Jean Bernstein (Social Work) - 10 years
  • Sara Garner (Human Environmental Studies) - 10 years
  • Dawn Jordan (CHHS Dean’s Office) - 10 years
  • Kathryn Kornegay (Nursing) - 10 years
  • Yvonne Arnzen (Communiation Disorders) - 30 years
  • Shelba Branscum (Human Environmental Studies) - 30 years

Thanks to all who participated in the graduation ceremony. As usual, CHHS was well represented among the graduates. Our outstanding alumni representative at the ceremony was Dr. Matt Janzow of Texas.

Dr. Jean Bernstein, Department of Social Work, and Dr. Kathryn Kornegay, Department of Nursing, represented CHHS at an annual training conference sponsored by the Missouri Department of Health and Aging at Tan-Tar-A Resort in Osage Beach.

Leah Shrum, Regional Support Center/Health Human Performance and Recreation, received an award from the United Way in recognition of her service to the community.

The Department of Human Environmental Studies hosted a juried Interior Design Showcase on April 25, 2004. Thanks to all who worked on that spectacular event. Special appreciation is extended to interior design professors Carol Stuhr and Michelle Brune.

Marilyn Schlosser, director of the University Child Enrichment Center/Human Environmental Studies, resigned and has accepted a position with the Department of Education in Sikeston, Mo. We appreciate Marilyn’s years of service to the university and wish her well in her new role.

Appreciation is extended to Dr. Georganne Syler and her students who accepted the responsibility of providing lunch for the Foundation’s Planned Giving Committee and selected guests. They did a fantastic job. The food was delicious and attractive. The table decorations and service were great. All of the feedback has been very positive.

Sympathy is extended to the Self and Harris families. William Heath Self, killed in a motorcycle accident, was a student in Health, Human Performance and Recreation. Tiffany Harris, a student in Communication Disorders, is grieving the recent loss of her parents who were killed in an automobile accident.

A CHHS Advisory Board was established during spring semester with the first meeting held on Thursday, April 29, 2004. The following persons have agreed to be a member of the board:

Don Bedell Communication Disorders
David Crowe Communication Disorders
James Davis Criminal Justice and Sociology
Jeannie Fadler Nursing
Emily Featherston Nursing
Karen Hendrickson Nursing
Priscilla Hornby Social Work
Carl Kinnison Criminal Justice and Sociology
Jeremy Koerber Health, Human Performance and Recreation
Abbie Crites-Leoni Criminal Justice and Sociology
Debbie Leoni Health Human Performance and Recreation
Kathie Miller Social Work
Sherry Persinger Criminal Justice and Sociology
Randall Rhodes Criminal Justice and Sociology
Michael Rust Human Environmental Studies
Matilde Stone Social Work
Bob Towner Nursing


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