P.E. Major is Student Teaching in Ireland


Sports are a major part of Sally Smith’s life.  As a senior physical education major at Southeast, Sally will be traveling to Belfast, Northern Ireland, this fall to do part of her student teaching.  She hopes this will help her to fulfill her dream of contract teaching around the world.  Sally explains contract teaching as “teaching in different countries for one to two years at a time.”

“I look forward to teaching children of all ages the joys of sports and healthy living; I hope to encourage all children to try new things and learn about themselves through sports,”  Sally says about her future in teaching and coaching.

Sally’s love of sports also has had an impact on her experience at Southeast.  She has participated in the club sports program and has helped run the women’s soccer club.  Also, she has been a member of numerous intramural teams, including flag football, indoor and outdoor soccer and softball and has worked at the Student Recreation Center for three years.

In addition, Sally was an integral part of launching the Rowdy Crowd, a student spirit group.

“I was part of the start of the Rowdy Crowd, which in time will be awesome.  This school needed something to help get school spirit started, and I’m happy I got to help out,” she said.

Sally recommends that all students get involved around campus. 

“There are so many things to do around this campus, and no one seems to take advantage of them,” she says.  “You have to make your experience; no one is going to do it for you.”

In her free time, Sally enjoys going to Southeast athletics events, particularly football games.  She also likes to drive around Cape Girardeau and look at the old houses and walk around downtown.

“There is so much history in this town it is amazing,” she says.   “It seems that every time I go somewhere I see something new.  This city has so much to offer.”


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