Student Goverment President Loves a Full Plate


University life can be hectic enough with class schedules, organization meetings and homework, but take on the responsibility of Student Government president and you’ve got yourself quite a busy day. And that’s just the way Southeast Missouri State University’s Student Government President Adam Hanna likes it.

Hanna, a native of Sparta, Ill., is in his second year as Student Government president and is excited to make his senior year a great one. Hanna is majoring in criminal justice and after graduation in May; he says he plans to attend law school at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Hanna is also active in the Society of Photographic Artists, where he says, “Over just a few months, I have learned how to develop my own film and make prints. It's become a hobby that helps me relax and build a new skill.” 

Hanna says he also enjoys cooking, “Occasionally on the weekends, I'll go to St. Louis and visit some of the food specialty stores in Brentwood and come up with new ideas for cooking.”

With a full course load, being involved in several student organizations and serving as Student Government president you would think Adam would want to take every opportunity he could to relax.  But instead, Adam took the opportunity to be a full-time intern for Prosecuting Attorney Morley Swingle.

“For six weeks, I was a full-time intern in his office. I had the chance to watch court proceedings, review cases and even conduct some legal research. One of the most challenging tasks was researching the topic of coroner's inquests in Missouri. I spent hours each day reading cases and secondary materials, and I drafted a memo explaining my findings. The hard work paid off, and I recently found out that the article will be published in the Journal of the Missouri Bar sometime in the coming months.”

Hanna is quick to tell future Southeast students “GET INVOLVED! Every time I talk to a new student, I make it a point to encourage them to get involved in something they enjoy. Going to class and sitting in your residence hall room is not the best way to spend your college experience. Find a group that sounds interesting, and go to a meeting. I promise you won't regret it.”

Seems like Hanna himself has no regrets and enjoys the success he has had here at Southeast. He says his favorite moments from Southeast are, “the day I met my girlfriend in Hall Council during my freshman year, and each year when I campaigned for Student Government president. Even in the election I lost, I enjoyed it thoroughly, and learned a great deal about campaigning.”

With an attitude like this, we’re sure to hear great things from Adam Hanna in the future.


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