Southeast Cheerleader Alumnus Envisions a Bright Future


 Ryan Shipp, a May 2008 graduate, has an eventful past and has an even more eventful future ahead of him.

Shipp, from Sikeston, Mo., majored in criminal justice and minored in psychology. He says he has a love for Southeast and that classroom professors are very professional and are willing to help you anytime you need it. And, he says, they are very flexible.

“Out of the classroom, I feel that the people I have met and the connections I have made have allowed me to become more successful then I ever could imagine.  I’ve been a Southeast cheerleader for three years now and I would have to say this is the activity that takes up most of my time and is the most rewarding to me.  I love to travel with the teams during the NCAA/NIT tournaments, and I enjoy the physical challenges the sport places on my body.”

Throughout his life, Shipp has exhibited leadership roles and Southeast has challenged those roles in many ways.

“My last year at Southeast I was the captain of the cheerleading squad, which allowed me to learn how to be a leader in a different manner then I ever have before. I am also a member of the fraternity Lambda Chi Alpha and I had to constantly balance the two because they are both very time consuming.

“I’m currently in the formal application process for the U.S. Secret Service and just recently passed the entrance exam. Things are looking bright for me to become a special agent with them later this year.”

Shipp has very simple advice for any Southeast student to follow.

“Go to class and you’ll pass. Spend as much time with your close friends as possible. You never realize how important they are to you until it’s time to graduate and everybody is moving to a different part of the United States.”



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