Borowiak Hits Home Run With Southeast

College of Health & Human Services

For Allie Borowiak, playing softball throughout her college career with the Redhawks softball team was a way of life.  This chapter came to a halt, though, after this Southeast senior had career ending shoulder surgery.

“This was very hard on me because softball was my life,” said Allie.  “But since softball has been on hold for me, I have shifted my focus to working out.  I have always been a workout mad person.  I work out every day or else I feel like I have not accomplished anything for that day.  Working out is, right now, probably my favorite thing to do and something I need and have to do for myself since softball is out of the question right now.”

Allie, of Nashville Ill., will graduate this May with a bachelor of science degree in sports management and a minor in business administration.

“It doesn’t end there for me, because I am going back to receive an elementary and special education degree,” Allie said.

“I believe Southeast has done a lot for me growing up,” Allie said.  “I have had to deal with a lot of stressful and heart aching situations since
I have been here at Southeast, but all my teammates, coaches, teachers and advisors have really helped me through it all.  They have made me see what is really important at the end of the day, and that is my family.  Southeast as a whole has really helped me grow as a person and put things into perspective in and outside of the classroom.” 

Allie says her favorite moments at Southeast came from the time she spent playing softball and on road trips with the softball team, and all the fun she has had with them and her friends.  She says she also enjoys the University proximity to the Mississippi River.

“I like to walk down by the river,” Allie said.  “At night, the lights and the old time feeling are so amazing.  I love it!”
Allie says her favorite travel destination is her hometown.

“My family is there and that is where I grew up,” she said.  “That is my favorite place in the world, and I love going home.  Sure, I love going to the beach and on trips, but nothing beats home,” she says.  “I have had a lot of heart aching times within my family the last two years, and it has really puts things in perspective for me, which made me more of a ‘home body.’  I would give up anything to be able to go home for a day; there is nothing that can beat going back home to your family and spending time with them.”

Allie encourages Southeast students to “Make friends, go out and explore Southeast and everything it has to offer.  Do not ever hesitate to ask for help from a teacher or an advisor.  I have had numerous amazing teachers and advisors that I go to for life problems, and they will sit with you and talk with you about them.  They are there to help you, so take advantage of it.  Also, just have fun...I know college is stressful and there is a lot of homework and problems you will face, but that is why you have your friends there to help you get through those rough times and to help you along the way.  Get involved, go to athletic events, go Greek, or whatever you like to do, but have fun doing it.  You are only in college once, so make the best of what situations come your way.  In the end it will be alright, and you will look back and be glad you were here at Southeast.”

Photo of Allie Borowiak.


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