Photo of Dr. Martin Needels

Dr. Martin Needels, Ph.D.

Office: Department of  History

Dr. Martin Needels received a Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska in 1973 ("The Revolution Secured: Anglo-Scottish Negotiations During the First Year of the Long Parliament") with an emphasis in British History -- particularly the Tudor-Stuart period. In the 1980's he pursued additional study at Cambridge University and Johns Hopkins.

In the more than thirty years Needels was with the department, his teaching duties included the whole range of European history and, on occasion, American history. As the department changed, Dr. Needels agreed to teach courses in Medieval history and Greece and Rome. Though others in the department shunned "Creative and Critical Thinking," the freshman seminar, Needels shouldered that chore as well. He also taught Advanced Placement workshops for area teachers and has served as a grader for the Princeton testing service.

Many of the graduate students remember Dr. Needels as an informed and able Graduate advisor for their M.A. work. He was also a stalwart in advising undeclared freshman students, often working in the Liberal Arts Advising Center and in the First Step program.

Among his publications, Dr. Needels lists work on Archbishop Laud, Oliver Cromwell, Edward Coke, and Thomas Harrington as well as book reviews published in the Journal of Seventeenth Century Studies.


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