1. Are honors classes more difficult than non-honors classes?

Honors classes are not designed to be more difficult than non-honors classes or to cover a greater amount of material.  The honors curriculum is designed to allow you to study, explore and understand concepts and issues more deeply and thoroughly.  Consequently, honors classes provide the opportunity for greater interaction and discussion among the instructor and the honors students about these concepts and issues.  While we certainly expect our honors faculty to challenge you and to inspire you to think critically, they will be there to guide you through the exciting process of exploration, discovery and scholarly activity.  Please keep in mind that our honors faculty members are among the most dedicated teachers and scholars at Southeast, and they are devoted to your success in the Jane Stephens Honors Program.  Therefore, most honors students prefer their honors classes to their non-honors classes because the intellectual atmosphere is such that learning becomes enjoyable and exciting!

2. What are honors contracts?

Honors contracts are a means of obtaining honors credit for classes that are taught by honors faculty members but are not specifically designated as honors classes. Further details about honors contracts and procedures are available at Honors Contracts.

3. Is there a “penalty” for joining the Stephens Honors Program but not completing it?

If you do not complete the Stephens Honors Program, it does not appear on your transcript and does not delay your graduation.  Joining the Stephens Honors Program is a “win-only” opportunity because you will be one of the dedicated honors students taught by our honors faculty members, who are excellent teachers committed to your success at Southeast.

The only “penalty” for not remaining active in the Stephens Honors Program is you miss the benefits and opportunities of being included among a dedicated and supportive group of honors students and honors faculty.

4. If I choose to no longer participate in the Stephens Honors Program, what action needs to be taken?

There is no official action that needs to be taken should you choose to no longer participate in the Stephens Honors Program.