Southeast Missouri State University

Dining Services

Meal Plan - FY 15

Semester Cost

19 meals per week + $58 Flex Dollars (per semester)


15 meals per week + $70 Flex Dollars (per semester)


10 meals per week + $80 Flex Dollars (per semester)


 5 meals per week + $135 Flex Dollars (per semester)



Enjoy delicious, well-balanced and nutritious meals at almost any time of day, at convenient locations throughout campus, using your Southeast ID to access your meal plan — the most cost-effective way to dine on campus. All students living in on-campus housing are required to select one of the available meal plans (this includes Greystone and Shivelbine residents). Meal plan dining service is located at several five locations across campus -Towers Café, Olives, Redhawk Market, Rowdy's, Scully Café, Skylight Terrace and Starbucks and the River Campus. Dining at Southeast is far from a traditional cafeteria experience with options including Chick-fil-a, Papa Johns pizza, Subway and Dippin Dots. Check out today’s menu.

Each time you enter a dining center and swipe your Southeast ID one meal is subtracted from your weekly balance. You can use the Flex Dollars associated with your meal plan to treat guests such as friends and parents. Each meal plan includes a set amount of Flex Dollars available for the entire semester. In addition to purchases outside of the designated meal period, Flex Dollars can be used to pay the difference between the price of selected foods and the meal plan value (all locations except Towers Café). Unused meals are converted to flex dollars at the end of the week but will not carry over to the following semester or be refunded. If you run out of meals during the week, you can pay with cash or credit/debit card, use flex dollars or RedBucks.

Commuter students can also purchase a meal plan or RedBucks.  Plans are paid and used on a semester basis. Both meal plans and RedBucks can be used at any of the dining operations on campus.  Flex Dollars may be used for additional food purchases at all locations except Towers Cafeteria.