Southeast Missouri State University

Living in the Residence Halls

How do I report a problem with my room?

What things should I bring for my room?

Are there things I cannot bring to Southeast?

Can I bring my own air conditioner to use in Dearmont?

What are the window sizes of my residence hall room?

How many electrical outlets are in my room?

What is the length of the twin bed in my assigned room?

Can I change my meal plan?

Cancellation Process

What happens after I submit my request for cancellation?

What are my chances of approval for my request to cancel my contract for

What can I do if my cancellation request is denied? Can I appeal?

What is considered supporting documentation for medical requests?

I want to cancel for financial reasons. How do I do this?

How does Residence Life calculate the cancellation charges?

What if I change my mind about canceling my contract?

Application Process

Do I have to live on campus?

What needs to be turned in with the Residency Release Request?

How are new student contracts assigned?

When do we have to have our housing deposit submitted to get a room for fall or spring?

When will I find out where I will live and who my roommate is?

I want to live in a specific hall. Will I get it?

How do you select roommates?

Can I check my housing information on the web?

What do I do if I forget my PIN and cannot access "My Southeast"

The Office of Residence Life is very happy that you have made the selection to attend Southeast, and to live in the residence halls for the next academic year.  We are confident you will find the halls a welcoming and educational environment that will contribute to your academic, personal, and social success.

Why live on campus?  Click here to see a quick chart that shows some advantages.  Peruse our Web site for more information, especially the Academic Success information.