Southeast Missouri State University

How do you select roommates?



We use sophisticated computer modeling to pair individuals into rooms. Much of the matching is based on your responses to the questions on the Roommate Preferences. Room and Roommate Preferences are completed by the student via the Contract for University Housing.

If students are interested they can create a profile via RoommateGateway, our roommate search engine that allows you to search for a roommate based on multiple criteria, i.e., profile details, personal interest, major or learning community. Please note the use of RoomateGateway is voluntarily and does not change your Contract for University Housing.

Roommates are selected based on the following steps:

  • If you have a medical, psychological, or other disability that requires special accommodation, your roommate and room assignment will be made to accommodate your special accommodation needs.
  • If you and another student (or students, for triple-sized rooms) have requested each other as roommates, we do everything possible to insure that you are placed together. Placement with your requested roommate will always take precedence over room type request.
  • For students who have not pre-selected a roommate, the Office of Residence Life uses computer modeling technology to match roommates, based upon the responses to the "lifestyle questions" on the Room and Roommate Preferences. Almost all of our students allow the Office of Residence Life to make roommate choices - and work to try and make good roommate matches. 

If you have any questions about the roommate process please contact the Office of Residence Life at 573-651-2274 or at