Southeast Missouri State University

Are there things I cannot bring to Southeast?


Yes.  Students often have questions about what to bring, what kinds of rules are in place, and where to go for help.  The Residents' Handbook of Understandings is a great reference.

Some specific items you should leave at home:

  • Air conditioner or space heater
  • Any appliance with an open heating element (toaster, toaster oven, hot plate, George Foreman grills)
  • Halogen lamp, quartz lamp, or any other lamp (including a desk lamp) with an exposed bulb
  • Open flame devices (e.g., candles, incense)
  • Illegal or unauthorized materials (e.g., alcohol, drugs, firearms or dangerous weapons, fireworks, stolen property)
  • Hazardous chemicals, including flammable liquids
  • Weapons, including firearms, large knives, or decorative swords
  • Paintball/airsoft/pellet guns
  • Pets, except fish
  • Extremely valuable or irreplaceable items