Southeast Missouri State University

Living on campus in one of Southeast’s residence halls provides you with many advantages over off-campus living. 

Check out this comparison of apartment vs. residence hall living:


Off-campus Apartment Residence Hall
Utility deposits required, plus monthly bills to pay. No deposits and no keeping track of when the bills are due. One payment takes care of everything.
Ramen Noodles and pizza are good, but not for 16 weeks in a row.  Grocery shopping.  Chartwells’ award-winning dining options offer you three entrees at every meal and a variety of locations and cuisine with no grocery shopping.  Plus, Residence Hall kitchenettes are available if you want to be your own gourmet.
You’ve finished studying, but your roommate isn’t home from work yet. With an entire residence hall filled with students, you can always find somebody ready for fun.
Buying a washer and dryer or … visiting the Laundromat. Cape’s cheapest and cleanest laundry facilities are right in your residence hall.
Studying losing out to reality TV?  Study groups, tutors, and even some floors dedicated to students of the same academic major.
Boredom from watching that episode of “Bing Bang Theory” for the 15th time.  New friends to watch that episode of “Bing Bang Theory” with for the 15th time, plus intramural sports, mud volleyball, haunted houses, floor parties, and more.
Paying for Internet service … or sitting at Starbucks for hours at a time (and the cost of coffee) You have the University’s high speed connection, Wi-Fi in many areas on campus and in the comfort of your own room.
Can’t afford pricey gym memberships  Two student recreation centers and the aquatic center are free and within walking distance.