Southeast Missouri State University


The policy regarding residents having guests is designed to emphasize that the residence hall is a living and learning environment. Residents’ desire to entertain guests in their living area must be balanced with provisions for an environment conducive to study, to sleep, security, and a reasonable amount of privacy.

The Office of Residence Life staff expect roommates to discuss the issues surrounding visitation not covered by the policy and to agree on guidelines regarding when guests will and will not be allowed in their room.

Guest Policy

You are responsible for the behavior of your guests at all times and should inform guests of appropriate University and Residence Hall policies:

  • Guests must be registered (Guest Registration Form) with the RA or Hall Director for the purpose of safety and security.  If guests are found unregistered, they may be told to leave the building, and/or be escorted by the Department of Public Safety.

  • Additionally, any overnight guest must register their vehicle with the Department of Public Safety (DPS).

  • Guests must be approved by the host’s roommate(s).

  • Guests must abide by all policies of the residence halls and floors, with guests and hosts mutually responsible for the conduct of the guest. Guests not observing University or residential life policies may be escorted from the building and restricted from further access. Residents are subject to disciplinary action for the inappropriate behavior of their guests.

  • Each guest should be accompanied by a host at all times. Any person not in the presence of a host may be escorted from the building and restricted from future access.

  • The length of stay for any overnight guest may not exceed two consecutive nights in a 30-day period. Overnight guests are permitted only if the guest does not violate the guest policy.

  • All guests must use gender appropriate bathroom facilities. Guests may use shower facilities located on floors occupied by same-sex residents.

  • During a fire alarm or other emergency in an adjacent building, Residence Life staff (student and/or professional), the Department of Public Safety, and/or the Cape Girardeau Fire Department may restrict access of guests to adjacent buildings.

  • Failure to abide by the guest policies may result in suspension of guest privileges.