Southeast Missouri State University

Southeast’s housing and dining costs include so much more than just food, room and utilities.  Residence halls at Southeast provide many services to students, including:

  • 24-hour on-call maintenance and custodial staff
  • cash-dispensing machines, ATM and full-service banking
  • high-speed internet access in rooms and computer labs
  • laundry, soda and snack machines
  • cable television in all lounges and rooms
  • U.S. and campus mail delivered to your residence hall mailbox
  • in-room telephone service
  • refrigerator rental
  • community kitchens available
  • 24-hour service/information desk
  • shuttle bus pick-up every 15 minutes
  • study and meeting rooms

Residence Hall and Meal Plan Rates:

Break Housing Charges

During the winter, spring, and summer breaks students who wish to remain in the residence halls are responsible for break housing charges. Break housing charges are $20 for each night the student remains in the residence hall.

In order to support the academic mission of the University no student who stays as part of their academic program will be responsible for break housing charges. Examples of these instances include students who are student teaching, completing an academic internship, or required to remain on campus as part of an athletic or co-curricular activity.

Students who remain on campus to work, either an on campus or off campus job, or who remain on campus because they choose not to travel home are responsible for break housing charges. University departments that require their student workers to work over the break may choose to cover the break housing costs by contacting the Office of Residence Life.

Estimated Replacement and Miscellaneous Charges

Miscellaneous Charge Listing