Southeast Missouri State University

Contract for University Housing
Are you wondering who is required to live in on-campus housing and when you will receive your new student housing contract?
New Student Self-Assign Room Selection

Information for new Southeast students who are eligible to self assign their residence hall room. Self assign is closed for the Fall 2013 semester. Contact the Office of Residence Life for assignment information.

Rates & Costs
Southeast's housing and dining costs include so much more than just food, room and utilities.
Returning Student Register for Housing

Information for current Southeast students returning to the residence halls who wish to live on campus.

Room/Roommate Preference
Southeast's Office of Residence Life strives to place you with a roommate sharing your interests and lifestyle. You may request a roommate or use Southeast's computer modeling technology to match you with a roommate.
Summer School Housing

The Office of Residence Life provides summer school housing for students who need to remain in the residence halls. Because of the limited demand for summer housing and the high demand for space for summer camps and conferences, we limit all summer school housing to just one residence hall. Students electing to live on campus during the summer will live in Henderson Hall.

Transitional Semester Housing

To help students who are relocating to Southeast Missouri State University from great distances and who already meet the University residency requirement prior to their beginning enrollment at Southeast, we offer a limited one semester transitional housing program.