1. Full- time and part-time regular employees (80% or more FTE) may enroll in cooperative graduate (doctoral and masters) coursework for reimbursement pursuant to the terms of a written agreement with Southeast Missouri State University. The programs that are eligible will be approved by the Provost. An employee must inform his/her supervisor in writing of the intent to enroll in coursework. Any rescheduled work time requires the consent of the supervisor and the appropriate Dean or Director. Employees should send the completed Cooperative Graduate Program Reimbursement Request Form to Human Resources.
  2. Employees will be charged in accordance with the policies of the cooperative institution and will be reimbursed up to 70% of incidental fees for courses in which the student earns a B or better. In order to obtain the benefit, employees must provide Human Resources with evidence of the individual’s eligibility by the end of the first full month following the completion of the course. Evidence of eligibility includes the completed reimbursement request form, an itemized bill, a paid receipt, and a grade report.
  3. All general and miscellaneous fees are the responsibility of the student. No such fees will be waived or reimbursed.
  4. If enrolled in a doctoral program, per written agreement, the employee is required to remain employed with the University for two full years beyond the completion of the last course reimbursed. If the employee does not complete the service obligation to the University, the employee will be required to refund 100% of the total reimbursed portion paid by the University for the last two years from the date of the termination. No refund will be necessary should the employee be terminated by the University prior to the completion of the required service.
  5. The privilege of being reimbursed for cooperative graduate credit courses is not available to spouses, dependents, or temporary employees.
  6. These Operating Procedures are effective for courses taken May 1, 2003, or later.

Cooperative Graduate Reimbursement Form
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