Rules Concerning Redhawks ID Cards

Redhawks Cards are the property of the University and are non-transferable. Students are responsible for the accuracy of the information on the Redhawks Card. Misuse of the Redhawks Card, falsification or information on, or failure to present your Redhawks Card upon request to any University official acting in his/her duties will result in confiscation and/or disciplinary action being taken against you.

Lost or Stolen Cards

If you lose your Redhawks Card, you should report the loss to the Redhawks Card Services Office immediately. The fee for replacement of a lost Redhawks Card or for a card that is replaced due to a name or account number change is $15. Stolen cards will be replaced for free with a copy of a DPS or other police report.

Damaged Cards

Redhawks Cards that are bent, worn, or broken will be replaced free of charge if presented and surrendered at the time of requesting a new card.

Replacing Your Redhawks ID Card

If you are replacing a current Redhawks Card, you will need to bring another form of identification.

  • Your name and ID number must exactly match those of the University records.
  • Redhawks Cards that are damaged due to unintentional wear and tear are replaced at no charge if the damaged card is returned at the time of the card replacement.
  • A $15 replacement fee will apply if the card is misused or defaced intentionally or if the information on the card becomes incorrect due to a name or account number change.
  • Payment - all charges associated with a replacement or lost card will be applied to your Southeast account.