* Reminder--Information Technology will never email you with a request for passwords or account confirmation. When in doubt, please contact the IT Help Desk, available 24/7, at the links provided on only University or IT website pages. Additionally, all messages regarding University network and email accounts or password issues would request that you contact Help Desk personnel at 573-651-HELP.
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    • Wireless Network Update

      On February 19th from 6:00am-9:00am, Information Technology will be making an update to the Wirelss Network in the following buildings.

      • Towers
      • Dearmont
      • Greek
      • Henderson
      • LaFerla
      • Merick
      • Myers
      • Vandiver

      This will not affect the Wired Network. If you continue to experience problems, contact the IT Help Desk at 573-651-HELP (4357) or helpdesk@semo.edu.

    • Student & Employee Email Migration

      In the spirit of advancement and increased efficiency, our email services for Southeast Missouri State University will be moved to the Microsoft Office 365 Email Servers! Information Technology's goal is to provide this service to all Southeast Missouri State students by mid-January 2017. Employee email is scheduled to be moved in stages, beginning February and continuing through March 2017. Retirees will be moved at the end of March. For further information on the Office 365 project, visit semo.edu/it/office365. For a direct link to the Office 365 email and app online trainings, click here.  

    • Office 2013 Upgrades Being Rolled Out Automatically

      In an effort to standardize software being used (and supported) across campus in offices and computer labs, users that have not already upgraded to Microsoft Office 2013 will be provided the opportunity. On an ongoing basis, users still running Office versions prior to 2013, will be prompted at login to install Office 2013.

      Click here to see an example of what the installation prompt will look like. 

      The installation process can take up to 30 minutes. If the timing is inconvenient, it can be cancelled. However, at the next login the prompt will reappear, continuing to appear until the installation is completed.
      This process is being implemented by department group. Any user currently running an older version of Office that would prefer to upgrade immediately rather than wait for this process, can contact the IT Help Desk for assistance. Any questions or concerns should be directed to the Help Desk at 573-651-HELP (4357) or helpdesk@semo.edu.

Computing and technology support is offered by the department of Information Technology for the instruction, research, administrative, and public service of the University. Responsibilities include administrative applications, training, consultation, custom programming, e-mail, file and printer sharing, supervision of IT computer labs, and design of the campus local area network.

Telecommunications provides telephone, voicemail, and personal computer installation/maintenance. Additional services include fiber optic and local area network installations, paging, cable TV, closed circuit camera systems, cellular service, and classroom technology equipment.

The Information Technology Department coordinates the compliance with State and Federal legislation and Southeast Missouri State University policy related to electronic and information resources. This includes security risk assessment, disaster recovery, and reporting.

Media Devices

Note: Many devices do not support our corporate security protocol for Wireless. Most devices will work over ethernet when registering the MAC address on splat.semo.edu/gameconsoles.

Apple TV


Samsung Blu-Ray Player

Samsung Smart TV

Vizio Smart TV

Amazon Fire TV

For How-Tos regarding PC and Console Gaming, please refer to our PC & Console Gaming page.


Access 2013 Basics Part 1
This training is perfect for beginners. It will cover creating databases, populating fields, and the basics of datasheet view.

Access 2013 Basics Part 2
The second part of the beginner training will explain how to create forms to enter data, how to import data from an Excel spreadsheet, and sorting and filtering data.

Access 2013 Simple Queries
Learn how to use simple queries, which can display data from across multiple tables and how to use the design view.

Access 2013 Duplicate and Unmatched Queries
Tired of repeated or incomplete data entries? Take this training to find out how to solve that problem!

Access 2013 Crosstab Queries
Learn how to use the crosstab query to both drill down into your data and find new information from your database!

Access 2013 Validation Rules
Tired of people saying they’re 200 years old? Learn how to set validation rules on your database and never have an incorrect entry again!


Excel 2013 Data Validation Form
Learn how to make sure that names are names and numbers are numbers with Data Validation.

Excel 2013 Formatting
Make your data look the way you want it to with these formatting tips.

Excel 2013 Pivot Charts
Make your demonstration interesting and interactive using Pivot Charts.

Excel 2013 Concatenate
Piece names, mailing addresses, and anything else together with this handy function!

Excel 2013 Drop Down List and Duplicates
Learn how to create a multiple-choice drop-down list and get rid of duplicate entries in this demonstration.

Excel 2013 Group Data
Make your data presentable and organized with subtotals and charts!

Excel 2013 If Function
Learn how to use the IF function to control your data set.

Excel 2013 Macros
Learn how to use Macros so you never have to do the same thing twice.

Excel 2013 Sparklines
Learn how to use sparklines in Excel 2013 to create miniature graphs for your data.

Excel 2013 Printing
Learn how to print in Excel 2013.

Movie Maker

Movie Maker Basics
Discover the features of Movie Maker to make home videos and slide shows.


PowerPoint 2013 Themes
Keep your presentation interesting by customizing it with a theme.

PowerPoint 2013 SmartArt
Learn how to create an organizational chart using Smart Art in Powerpoint 2013.

Getting to Know PowerPoint
Learn the ins and outs of creating a presentation and using Powerpoint’s many features and tools to keep things organized.

PowerPoint 2013 Saving and Printing
Learn how to save and print your presentations in Powerpoint 2013.


Introduction to Word 2013
Dive into Word with this presentation over text, paragraphs, tabs, tables, and other miscellaneous tasks.

Word 2013 Commonly Used Tasks
Learn the fundamentals of Word; saving, opening, closing and undoing mistakes, all in one demonstration.

Word 2013 Header, Footer & Page Numbers
Learn how to use headers and footers to name, number, and include any extra information you need in your document.

Word 2013 Indents and Tabs
Tabs too small? This presentation covers modifying your indent and tab length.

Word 2013 Page Layout
Make your Word documents look even better with the Page Layout tab! This training covers the features of the Page Layout tab such as: Page Size, Indents, Text Wrap, and more!

Word 2013 Sources, Citations, and Table of Contents
Learn how to use Word to create citations, bibliographies, and even insert a table of contents into your document.

Word 2013 Text Effects
Personalize your document with fonts and text effects.

Word 2013 Input Boxes and Templates
Learn how to use checkboxes, text boxes, and templates to make creating a printable form easy.

Word 2013 Commonly Used Tasks
Learn the fundamentals of Word; saving, opening, closing and undoing mistakes, all in one demonstration.

Word 2013 Tracking Changes
Use the Track Changes and Review features to make peer editing quick and easy!


New Features in Outlook 2013
Get caught up on the new features introduced in Outlook 2013.

Outlook 2013 Calendar
Get acquainted with Outlook 2013’s new calendar.

Outlook 2013 Archiving
Tired of running out of e-mail space? Learn how to archive so you don’t have to delete important e-mails.


Publisher 2013 Building Blocks
Learn how to use the premade templates in Publisher to create a quick and organized document.

Publisher 2013 Mail and E-Mail Merges
Create personalized flyers and attachments for your customers with merges.

Publisher 2013 Ribbon
Learn how to use word art to stylize and draw attention to your Publisher document.

Publisher 2013 Word Art
Learn how to use word art to stylize and draw attention to your Publisher document.


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